Digital Milestones for Kids

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Digital Milestones for kids

202: Digital Milestones for Kids

Lisa Honold, our guest, suggests some guidelines for digital milestones for kids in this episode. Lisa is a national speaker on protecting kids online and helping them develop a healthy relationship with technology over time. Find her at the Center for Online Safety.

Don’t miss her podcast, Unplug and Plug In, which is described as “the go-to-guide for parents on using tech intentionally”.

Lisa has been on the show before helping us to answer the question: Is this Okay? How to know if a game or app is safe for your child.

In the episode Lisa mentions a post she has written about the 5 Circles of Safety.

Then she goes through the years of childhood and suggests what is age appropriate in regards to the devices children should be using, and what they should be doing with the devices. You can find all the info laid out in this post.

Listen to the episode to hear Lisa on this important topic.

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Digital Milestones for kids

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