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Digital Portfolios for homeschoolers

69: Digital Portfolios


These are the tools to create digital portfolios discussed in this episode.

1. Padlet

Padlet is like a giant pinboard and makes it easy to pin graphics, videos, and text.

2. Google slides

Google Slides allows one to scroll through slides to view students’ work.

3. Seesaw

Seesaw is an website designed specifically for digital portfolios. It is suitable for younger students as it has very tight privacy features.

4. Pathbrite

Pathbrite offers similar options to seesaw but without the privacy features, so better for older students who might want to send the link as part of a scholarship application or when applying for a job.

5. Build a website

Students could use free website building tools, or build a website from scratch to showcase their work. Here is an example of one my son created – Jason’s portfolio.

If your children don’t have the techie skills to create a digital portfolio, consider enrolling them in show sponsor FundaFunda Academy’s Computer Applications online class.

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