Digital to-do lists for you and your children

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Digital To-Do Lists for you and your children

66: Digital to-do lists for you and your children


Although there is nothing wrong with using paper “to-do” lists, digital to-do lists can be so much more convenient and flexible. Using them can help you and your children organize your lives.

Here are 3 different options to consider using:

1. Notes on your phone

When you are on the move, using the notes app on an iPhone (and something similar on other phones) is an easy way to see what you need to do. On the iPhone, you can even turn your list into a check list. Other options would be to delete items as you complete them.

2. Todoist

Todoist is available both as a website and an app.

Here are some features I really like about it:

  • Set up projects with tasks – and even sub-tasks (80 projects)
  • See the calendar view
  • Can prioritize tasks
  • Can set recurring tasks
  • Collaborate with up to 5 people
  • Extension to set up tasks right from your email(outlook/gmail) or to turn a webpage into a task (Chrome/Firefox)

3. Trello

Trello is the tool I use to organize my life and we also use it to set assignments for our Science Olympiad team. Listen to the episode for more details but here are some highlights:

  • Available os a website or an app
  • Unlimted personal boards and 10 team boards
  • Boards are divided into lists (ie ways of grouping tasks) and then lists are divided into cards. An example, you could have lists for each day of the week and then cards detailing tasks for each of those days.
  • Set up checklists on cards to keep tabs on when things are completed by your children
  • 1 free power-up per board – recurring tasks is the one I usually choose
  • You get a unique email that lets you add cards to boards when you send an email to them ie you can easily forward something that needs action straight from your inbox to your Trello board.
  • As long as your kids have access to your computer they can use it – even if they don’t have their own emails

You can find examples of Trello boards used for to-do lists on the show notes for our episode 5 Ways Homeschool Parents Can Use Trello.

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Digital To Do Lists for you and your children

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