Special Replay: Discipline That Makes Sense And Works

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Let's Talk About Discipline That Makes Sense And Works with Felice GerwitzLet’s Talk About Discipline That Makes Sense And Works with Felice Gerwitz

What do you do when discipline doesn’t work – or what about discipline methods that are unfair. What about just being your kid’s friend? Yes, there are all kinds of different types of advice about discipline but in this podcast Felice explores discipline that makes sense – and actually works.

Listen to Raising Moral Kids Here – with Felice Gerwitz

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Show Notes:


This audio isn’t so much about prevention – that is wonderful when it works and consists of:

  1. Warning the kids ahead of time of what to expect
  2. Being CLEAR and going over the rules so they understand what is expected

For example bedtime – make sure it is a specific time and have a routine/ baths, story etc. If they take too long no story – etc.

  1. Practicing especially when younger “coming” when you call them, answering yes mom or yes dad when directed with a question – that they heard you, etc. – Saying “Sorry” if they are wronged or admitting a wrong.
  2. Rewarding good behavior

Basically discipline falls into these three very broad categories:

  1. Intervention
  2. Time Outs
  3. Taking Away

Which works for your child is a puzzle you have to figure out – but one thing I want to discuss in this podcast is the discipline techniques that I have found really work well for my family – and this is no matter what their age.

  1. Discipline that fits the crime.
  2. Life isn’t fair
  3. Enlist the help of the first born – teach kids to be kind to each other – rule with love or privileges are taken away
  4. When kids have a meltdown or are whining etc.
  5. Money
  6. Consistency
  7. It is never ending – once kids do it once it is fun and they ask all the time.
  8. They are exhausted from staying up late – and eating too much junk and it takes days to get over it.
  9. Their behavior is atrocious and it takes days to get them “back to normal”
  10. When you say no – mean it

The best advice I can give is prevention, consistency and PRAYER not necessarily in that order.

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