Distance Learning: Unleash Your Inner Explorer – Laptop Required

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Podcast 23

Remember the game “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? During this podcast you will find out “Where in the World is Mr. D and his family!” You will also get an inside look at what distance learning is, how it works and how it applies to you as a homeschooling family. Homeschoolers are distance learners already but what if you could take that a step further. Using online education at it’s highest level and doing so from anywhere in the world. Mr. D has spent the last 10 years developing his web based programs so that his family could be anywhere in the world while he is working as well as making his programs cutting edge for what’s possible in online education. He also travels extensively, so he has a different view of the word home in “home”schooling. Find out what Mr. D means by “have laptop, will travel!”

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