DIY Crafts For Kids

do it yourself crafts for children Do It Yourself Crafts With Kids  – Felice Gerwitz

Are you a do-it-yourself type of person? Or are you looking for DIY crafts for kids? This podcast features some great ideas to get even those who dislike crafts into the swing of things! Felice loves doing crafts with kids and she shares some of her most successful endeavors.

Podcast #206

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Show Notes: DIY Crafts For Kids:

Top Tips:

Use recycleables as much as possible


  • Practical and Useful
  • Mason Jars
  • Wall Decorations or Art
  • Gifts


  • Practical and Useful
    • Bookmarks (Valentine’s day) or special occassions
    • Pencil holders
    • Embrodery, Knitting
    • Clay – Trays
    • Throw rug – Example here
  • Mason Jars
    • Sippy cups – birthday or holidays
    • Layered sand, salt or rice – colored (then use as vases) Use colored chalk
    • Color salt,
  • Wall Decoration and Art
    • frame old keys
    • Use a wood block – stain and add big paper clip
    • Wreaths
  • Gifts






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