DIY European Travel on the Cheap

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DIY European Travel on the Cheap!DIY European Travel On The Cheap | Did you know that DIY European travel on the cheap is possible? Is traveling to Europe a far-off dream due to finances, time, or both? #Homeschool #homeschooling #podcast #EuropeanVacations

Episode 270 with Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz

Did you know that DIY European travel on the cheap is possible? Is traveling to Europe a far-off dream due to finances, time, or both? In this podcast, Meredith shares how her entire family went to Italy and how they did it on a shoestring budget! If you’ve ever wanted to take a European vacation, this podcast provides helpful and money-saving tips!

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Show Notes: DIY European Travel on the Cheap

1.Research: Where do you begin? With research of course. Sometimes group travel companies can provide deals but many times DIY deals are better. Compare and contrast.

  • Do I want to be with a group or just my family? This is where DIY travel on the cheap comes in, do your research and you may find amazing deals.
  • Do I want to explore “off the beaten track places,” or tried and true?
  • What is the must-see list?
  • What is the secondary list, would be nice but only if we have the time or the funds.
  • Talk to other people, what do they say about traveling?
  • Use guides such as those recommended by Meredith: DK Travel Guides
  • Watch travel videos
  • Keep a Pinterest travel board
  1. Tours:
  • What are the benefits to your family?
  • Cost vs. convenience?
  • Benefits of both.
  • Find cheap tours on Groupon, Travelzoo, Gate One Travel, Tour Radar
  • Tours provide guide who speaks the language
  1. Foreign Country Concerns:
  • Know the rules and regulations.  Here is a great podcast on Travel and First Aid Tips
  • Churches: must have arms covered for women and no short-shorts
  • Currency
  • Transportation
  • Speaking the language
  1. Travel and Transportations
  • Planes:
    • Keep hydrated
    • Wear comfortable clothing/ shoes
    • Bring headphones
    • Earplugs for altitude changes
    • Chew gum, or let little ones drink when taking off or landing
  • Trains
    • Foreign currency or buy a ticket for all trains (metro cards)
    • Schedules and timelines
    • Rush (don’t get caught separated – it happens!) Stay together.
  • Rental Cars:
    • Only if you have experience driving in foreign country!
    • Rules are different (suggestions in some!)
    • European cars tend to be small
  • Buses:
    • Foreign currency or buy a ticket to ride all
    • Schedules
    • Less expensive
    • Some drive very fast!
  1. Packing
  • Suitcases
    • Rolling clothes to save space
    • Pack for comfort
    • No valuables
    • Small containers – toiletries
    • Disposables
    • Leave room for souvenirs
  1. Souvenirs:
  • Keeps sakes
  • Magnets
  • Keychains



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