Do It Yourself Application for 501c3 Status

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Do It Yourself Application for 501c3 Status – Carol Topp, the HomeschoolCPA enjoys sharing her knowledge via webinars including these three she mentions on the podcast:

  • Create a Nonprofit Organization for Your Homeschool Community: This first webinar explains the differences between running a business and a nonprofit. Carol explains boards, budgets and Bylaws and Nonprofit Incorporation for your homeschool group.
  • 501c3 Application: This second webinar explains what is needed to apply for 501c3 tax exempt stats and who is eligible to use the 1023-EZ. Then Carol takes you through the IRS Form 1023-EZ line-by-line and offers tips and advice from her experience.
  • IRS and State Filings: This third webinar addresses what comes after your 501c3 application including the IRS Annual Information Return Form 990 and common state filings.

Here’s a list to all of HomeschoolCPA webinars including a free one on Financial Reports for Homeschool Groups.

These webinars are great for:

  • Homeschoolers just starting a homeschool group
  • Homeschoolgroups that have been in existence for a while, but never applied for 501c3 tax exempt status
  • A group that learns its 501c3 status was revoked for failure to file the IRS for 990.

Why is Carol sharing her secrets?

  • She repeats herself a lot to clients!
  • Some homeschool leaders don’t have a lot of funds. They can DIY and save money.
  • Some people love visual learning with webinars

 Listen to more episodes of this podcast here!

Featured Product

Are you a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) person? Since you are a homeschool parent, you likely are!

So maybe you’re ready to apply for 501c3 tax exempt status for your homeschool group all by yourself (with a little help).

Carol Topp, the HomeschoolCPA has a three-webinar set to help you form a nonprofit, apply for 501c3 status and maintain it!

This 3-webinar set includes:

·      Create a Nonprofit Organization for Your Homeschool Community

·      501c3 Application for Homeschool Nonprofits

·      IRS and State Filings for Homeschool Nonprofits

(click each title for details)

The 3-video set plus resources, ebooks, checklists, etc. It sells for $50

Buy the 3 webinar set (and all the extras) today.


Do It Yourself Application for 501c3 Status for Homeschool Groups - Homeschool CPA Podcast


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