Does Colloidal Silver and Homeopathy Work Together? Learn about Argentum Nitricum

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In todays episode of Homeopathy for Mommies, learn about Colloidal Silver and Argentum NiticumThis week on Homeopathy for Mommies – Colloidal Silver – to use or not to use? This is a HOT Topic. A few years ago I wrote a blog post on the topic.  It is one of the most shared blog posts of all time from the website. Colloidal silver is also often confused as being homeopathic for those who are new to homeopathy.

The million-dollar question is: When do I know if I should use Colloidal Silver?

The truth is, Colloidal Silver is a gift. It does kill bacteria very quickly; however – the wonderful, quick acting, efficient Colloidal Silver, will act as a suppressant.

Take the example of treating a skin burn. When the silver is used, it acts as cauterizer to the natural healing processes. When you suppress the skin, it drives the issue inward toward the lungs. That is why many children who are given Silver for their eczema or severe burns will develop sudden asthma or chronic cough.

For any skin situation, Either St. John’s Wart and or Calendula tincture will work to heal. Lavender will also kill bacteria without suppressing and soothe.  Using the correct homeopathic remedy or remedies will take care of any wound, ulcer, wart, eczema, growth or burn situation.

Colloidal Silver should only be used in emergency situations:

  • when the proper homeopathic remedy has failed to be found
  • when the patient is too weak to recover readily on his own
  • when time is a factor (and this must be seriously considered for the good of the patient, not the caregiver becoming impatient)
  • or some other unforeseen reason.

I say emergency, because when you use the Silver to kill the invading bacterial intruder, what happens is this: you interrupt the very delicate process of healing.

I do want to take this opportunity to share the homeopathic remedy made from Colloidal Silver – Argentum Nitricum – and all it’s wonderful, non-suppressive benefits!

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Introduction to Colloidal Silver [00:01:29] Sue Meyer, host of the Homeopathy for Mommies radio show, discusses colloidal silver and its uses in alternative medicine.

History and Uses of Colloidal Silver [00:03:24] Sue Meyer explains the history and uses of colloidal silver, including its antibacterial and antiseptic effects, and how it was used as a medical treatment for various infections and illnesses.

Antibiotics and Gut Flora [00:09:43] Discussion on the downside of antibiotics and how they affect gut flora and digestion issues.

Colloidal Silver vs Antibiotics [00:10:44] Comparison between antibiotics and colloidal silver in terms of effectiveness and impact on gut flora.

Using Colloidal Silver as a Last Resort [00:13:06] Advice on using colloidal silver as a last resort for bacterial infections and the importance of letting the body fight the infection naturally.

Silver and Health Issues [00:23:43] Discusses the health issues caused by the buildup of silver in the body.

Controversy of Colloidal Silver [00:25:30] Discusses the speaker’s personal opinion on the use of colloidal silver and its benefits and drawbacks.

Using Silver Nitrate [00:21:51] Discusses the use of silver nitrate for wound care and its potential for suppressing exudation.

Homeopathic Remedy: Argent Nit[00:27:31] Sue Meyer explains the benefits of the homeopathic remedy Argent Nit, including its ability to counteract symptoms of anxiety and anticipation.


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