Does My Homeschool Group Need Directors and Officers Insurance?

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Does my homeschool group or homeschool co-op need Directors and Operators Insurance?Does your homeschool group need to protect your leaders? Sure you do, so you may consider purchasing Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance.

D&O insurance is sometimes called “legal defense insurance.” It covers lawsuits filed against nonprofit board members, most which are related to employees. If your homeschool organization does not hire employees (and many do not), your risk is low and D&O insurance may not be necessary.

In this episode of the HomeschoolCPA podcast, Carol Topp will explain:

  • What is D&O insurance?
  • What does D&O insurance protect?
  • When to buy D&O insurance?
  • How does being a nonprofit corporation help?
  • Article on Insurance for Homeschool Groups.

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Interested in hosting your own podcast?

If you have a great idea for a podcast, contact Felice Gerwitz (felice (at) and pitch your idea. UHRN is looking for talented podcasters especially in the following areas: Mommy Entrepreneurs, Family Entrepreneurs, Cooking with Kids, Podcasts for Kids, Music, Art, History, Science.



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