What To Do When You And Your Spouse Disagree About Discipline

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Do you and your spouse disagree on discipline? If so, you’re normal, but your homeschool happiness is at risk.

A sweet couple came to my booth at the Great Homeschool Convention and asked me what to do when they didn’t agree on discipline in the moment, as in, in front of the kids. I shared a few thoughts with them but realized that this is a great topic to dig into.

I address:

  • the importance of agreeing
  • what to do if you just don’t agree
  • the attitude we should have in discussions about discipline
  • what to discuss during a meeting about discipline

With good communication, a willingness to try new approaches, and some patience, I believe that most couples can come to some agreement on discipline. For those who cannot, being consistent with your own approach will still pay more dividends than giving up.

Have a happy homeschool week!

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