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Loving Yourself with Dr. Angie Ates and The Real Kathy LeeOh, this episode is going to make you cry. Well, I can’t guarantee that it will make you cry. I cried. Dr. Angie Ates is a Natural Health Educator and a mom of three who has been on an amazing journey and is now helping others find physical and emotional health.  Please do yourself a favor and find a lovely spot in the sunshine (all alone if possible) to listen to this episode. Take along your headphones, a journal, a pen, and maybe a pack of tissues. This episode just might save your life.

Dr. Angie shares her thoughts on why so many women in their 30’s are facing autoimmune disease and other illnesses. She shares some powerful words for young moms who are rapidly losing themselves to their role of motherhood. I love the practical advice and encouragement she offers. I know that many of you are going to be challenged to look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. I pray that you will take that challenge and implement what you hear on this episode. Let’s agree to do at least ONE thing to show ourselves love. I plan on implementing repeating lovely affirmations to myself every morning, what will you do?

Dr. Angie Ates

To learn more about Dr. Angie, visit her site and check out her book, Sensational Sanity Savvy Strategies. Okay, I am going to go finish crying and then say some nice things to myself.

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