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DuoLingo Math

259: Duolingo Math

DuoLingo has added Math to its popular language-learning app.

In this episode, learn what this app has to offer for your children – and you!

  • Currently only available on iPhone app (coming soon to Android & browsers)
  • Two levels so far: Beginner and Intermediate
  • Can skip Beginner and go straight to Intermediate
  • Covers topics like estimating, rounding, basic geometry, telling time, order of operations
  • Includes multiple choice and fill-in problems
  • Adaptive and keeps material fresh daily
  • Good math supplement for homeschoolers
  • Helps develop mental math skills quickly for tests like ACT/SAT
  • Keeps adult brains sharp too
  • Integrated with language learning side of Duolingo
  • Can help maintain streaks and earn rewards
  • Fun and game-ified to motivate kids
  • Easy to add as a short daily activity
  • Still free like regular Duolingo
  • Provides additional math practice in different format from core curriculum


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DuoLingo Math

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