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Easter on the Cheap | Why is it that everything costs so much money. In this episode of Easter on the Cheap. #Homeschool #homeschooling #podcast #cheapeasterEaster On The Cheap

with Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis

Why is it that everything costs so much money. In this episode of Easter on the Cheap, Felice and Meredith share their ideas on Easter devotions and best of all many of these ideas are free or cost very little money.

What is the true meaning of Easter? The children need to realize it is more than bunnies and colored plastic eggs. When the children get older, have them participate in the Easter planning. Are they helping to decorate? Is there an activity or perhaps church play they want to attend? All these things add up to Easter on the Cheap.

Here are more Easter on the Cheap Ideas:

  1. Attend a passion play. Some churches hold events, check online or your local church calendar of events.
  2. Participate in the passion play. Host your own.
  3. Easter dinner with family, pot-luck with everyone sharing expenses.
  4. Easter activity, using household items.
  5. Easter store. More about this in the next podcast.

Ideas for Easter on the Cheap:

  1. Holy Week  & Easter Devotions
  2. Dress Up & Act It Out
  3. Easter Dinner traditions
  4. Easter Egg Hunts/Easter Fill Egg Hunt (filling with something representing Easter)
  5. Easter Eggs that Tell the Story of Easter

Check out Meredith’s free Holy Week & Easter Devotions: http://www.joyfulandsuccessfulhomeschooling.com/books/free-e-book-gifts/


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