Easy Postpartum Exercise Tips for New Moms

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easy postpartum exercise tipsHave you ever wondered about postpartum exercise and how to do it safely? Gentle exercise is an important part of the recovery process and integral to health. Today, Julie interviews Beth Learn of Fit2B Studios about her journey and about some easy postpartum exercise tips.

So, Beth, we were talking about how your interest in fitness started in high school. Can you tell our listeners a little bit about how that came about?

Yes, I randomly took a step aerobics class when I was a junior in high school and I did it kind of on a whim. I showed up to that first class in a dress, a long dress and tights. And I loved it!  I was totally lost the whole time and going the wrong direction, but I look back on that moment as a definite wake up to God’s calling in my life, just a love for movement to music and choreography.

Learn more about Beth’s journey on the podcast as she discusses her adventures in high school and college.

You continued to get training in different areas, right? Tell us about how you got into postpartum exercise and diastasis recti. First, can you tell us what that is?

Diastasis recti essentially means a thinning of the connective tissue that joins the two sides of your abdominal wall. That then allows the two sides of your abdominal wall to shift apart, which creates a gap between your abdominal muscles. For example, after pregnancy, those babies really stretch us out for a long time and sometimes in some people that gap doesn’t resolve and then they get pregnant again and it gets a little bit worse, or then they have some other type of trauma. Maybe they have a C-section, maybe they’re in a car accident. Maybe they suffer an abuse incident where their stomach is punched. There’s a lot of different variables that go into it that can cause further thinning and widening of that connective tissue.

I became aware of diastasis recti in college and really in my initial certification when I was 18, it got a mention, as in “women who are pregnant get diastasis and you should have them splint their tummy muscles with a towel while they’re doing crunches. After I had had two children, I was getting ready to launch Fit2B because I would be a stay-at-home mom and start a business. Then, I happened to meet up with a local physical therapist who specialized in core rehab. We talked for hours and in the end, I decided that Fit2B had to be diastasis aware as I created postpartum exercise videos.

On the podcast, Beth and Julie talk more about how diastasis recti impacts many aspects of life and health. Tune in to hear about it!

Can you share postpartum exercise tips for at home?

You know, I get asked this question a lot and I really try to tailor it to the conversation because the best postpartum exercise tips will vary from person to person. But one of the first things I will say is that number one, it doesn’t have to be hard. It does not have to be about your vanity. Assess your motivations. If your motivations are to be healthier, to be stronger, to have more energy, to get better sleep, to have better intimacy, to improve your heart health, go for it.

Studies show that 150 minutes a week of moderate to strenuous activities is all it takes.  That’s roughly 23 minutes per day. You don’t have to be a hot sweaty mess. My goal is not to be super ripped and scrawny. My goal is for when my 12-year-old son says, “Mom, let’s go jump on the trampoline,” I can say yes. I want to be purposeful and usable and I can accomplish that in 15 to 30 minutes a day and even take one day off a week to do nothing. So, first, it does not have to be hard.

Hear more tips on the podcast! And be sure to check out Beth’s podcast at Fit2B Radio.



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