Edventure Together: Books, Travel, and Discovery

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Life Skills 101 Edventure together: Books, Travel, and DiscoveryEdventure Together: Books, Travel and Discovery!

Today, True North Homeschool Academy Director, Lisa Nehring, is joined by Angie Ferrell to talk about edventuring with Books!

One of Angie’s favorite book discoveries as she homeschooled was the geography series by Holling C Holling, which includes:

Minn of the Mississippi

Paddle to the Sea


Tree on the Trail

These books are beautifully illustrated, visually rich chapter books that read like informative journals. Angie and her family discovered “Seabird” years ago on one of their many visits to Florida and she began collecting others. As a result, they took trips to find the treasures they discovered in the books! What an edventure!

Tying in what you are reading and studying with filed trips and vacations is such a beautiful way to solidify learning, helps students discover new interests and passions and can be a jumping off point for other great areas of learning (like Angie’s sons love of boats- which is leading them on yet another edventure)! It all ties into creating a lifestyle of learning and developing autodidacts.

And, if you listened to me talk about how to future proof your kids, you know that developing their ability to learn well and independently is going to be a skill that sets them apart and serves them well in our future economy!

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