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Homeschool Highschool Podcast Episode 5: Electives and Extracurriculars

Electives and Extracurriculars The Homeschool Highschool PodcastEpisode 5: Electives and Extracurriculars on the Homeschool Transcript

How do you keep your homeschool highschooler’s transcript from looking like 1 million other high schoolers’ transcript? You SPARKLE it up! Electives and extracurriculars give homeschool transcripts pizzazz! They show who your teens truly are, they highlight strengths and interests. Join Sabrina, Vicki and 7Sisters Kym as they share ways to sparkle up your homeschool transcripts with electives and extracurriculars.

Homeschool Highschool Podcast Ep 5: Electives and Extracurriculars


  1. Sounds like good content but I’m super distracted by the fact that it sounds like the guest is eating while she’s being interviewed…perhaps it gets better, I’m not done listening…

    • Vicki Tillman says

      Haha! Hey, Tina, thanks for being a 7th Sister! We love feedback. You are correct, a shall-remain-nameless sister had been quite sick and was still soothing her throat with cold lozenges in order to talk. Lesson learned 🙂

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