Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF): What You Need to Know and How Homeopathy Can Help

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Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) - What you need to know and how homeopathy can help. #homeopathy #podcast #EMF #saltlamp Electro Magnetic Frequency is becoming a huge concern in our world today. Everywhere you turn, you are exposed to EMF by Wifi devices, cell phones, computers, cell phone towers, and more. In this episode, Sue Meyer ND CCH talks about the recent studies about Electro Magnetic Frequency exposure and some ways that you can reduce your exposure through several natural methods and also a few remedies to take for symptoms of EMF exposure.

Links that Sue mentioned in this podcast:

Special Order Remedies Link to order remedies

BioZen – Single pack  or Pack of Three

Salt Lamp Link 

More Information about BioZen:

See how BioZen works in this video:


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  1. Thank you for bringing awareness about this subject! I have been doing hours and hours of my own research on it. Can you please spell these remedies out and list the protocol for taking them? I am not understanding how to order them in the link that is provided because there are no remedies listed. thank you

  2. Can the biozen stickers easily be removed and put on a different device? I don’t mean on a regular basis but should you get a new phone for instance?

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