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Elephant Learning Math Matters the importance of math in early education is a predictor of later academic success

Math Matters with Elephant Learning

Early Learning

Learning begins at an early age. We are bombarded with early learning programs for our children and as homeschool parents, we are rightly very wary of the predicted results. In college I majored in Education and “Early Childhood Education” was an extra certification to my degree. I loved it! As a student, I had the opportunity to work with preschoolers and play games to gauge their understanding as well as propel their love of learning. We would show them two beakers of water, one a tall beaker and the other a squatty one. Then we had two pitchers of water with equal amounts that they watched us pour in the beakers. We’d then point and ask them which beaker held more water. The results were telling of their developmental age. The taller beaker was always considered the one with “more” water.

Fast forward to homeschooling my own children and my cupboards were overflowing with early learning games, many that my grandchildren now use. I love the idea of teaching young children to learn through play. So, when I met the CEO of Elephant Learning, I looked at the program and their claims with a very critical eye. The credentials of the creator of the software was impeccable, the studies based on a grant to the University of Denver impressive yet, I was still uncertain. Until I discussed the ideas behind the CEO’s purpose, and that was to bring math education to young children in order to jump start their learning not only in math, but across the board in all subjects. Okay. Now I was interested.

Please listen to my interview with Dr. Nargath as he explains his view on early math learning, his software program, Elephant Learning based in part on his business partner’s research based algorithms and his donations of one program for each one sold to a needy family. See what you think about this math program for your young children.

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  1. Hi can I make this available for my class. How much would it cost for 18 students. We are a title 1 school with many ELL students and would need a discount. Please advise ASAP. Thank you

  2. Brenda smith says

    I would also like to know how to purchase additional students. I work for a private home child care

    • mediaangels says

      Hi Brenda — I will pass on your information and the Elephant Learning Math people will get with you!

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