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empower your kids to learnLet’s Talk About… Empower Your Kids To Learn with Felice Gerwitz and special guest, Jodie Oare

Podcast #189

Have you thought about ways to empower your kids to learn? Join us as I interview Jodie Oare, a successful volunteer, child advocate, and teacher. She wears many hats, mainly that of mom, girl scout leader, preschool teacher, Preschool Director, Bible study volunteer, substitute teacher and so much more! Jodie is my husband’s sister and my amazing sister-in-law. She is always talking about these topics when we sit around and discuss kids and grandkids (what else!).  Now for the first time – ever – Jodie shares her insider’s secrets with you!



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Show Notes – Empower Your Kids To Learn:

  1. Create a space and atmosphere where teaching and learning are to take place that supports and confirms the educator’s participation and the learner’s participation by visibly establishing the concept of “WE”.
  2. Communicate to the learners that learning is an adventure (expectations) and that you know where we are going and how to get there because you have planned and have methods/ways to help us enjoy the adventure and to get where we are going (the next level of education/skill).
  3. Establish and communicate routines, schedules, rules, and behavior strategies to encourage engaged participation. Consensus is encouraged.
  4. Present topics/instruction/themes in a variety of modalities/senses. This is the adventure that we are taking, the skill work should be included in the adventure, as well as interesting fact finding and knowledge acquisition. Tangible evidence of the learning adventure reinforces knowledge and provides an opportunity for mastery (owning).
  5. Affirmation of effort supports the engagement and participation of the learner from where they are encouraging continued effort which will create a sense of trust, empowerment, and possibility leading to improvement and advancement.



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