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Empowering Teens

Episode 9 Summary: “Empowering Teens: 28 Essential Life Skills to Start Now”

In this episode of “It’s Not About Money,” hosts Matt and Charla McKinley, the Artisan of Adulting, unveil a comprehensive list of 28 essential life skills that every teen should know.  The skills are categorized into personal care, kitchen, outside the house, and miscellaneous, providing practical insights for intentional parents.


Introduction to the Essential Life Skills List:

Matt and Charla introduce the list teased in previous episodes. Charla explains the motivation behind providing practical life skills for teens to empower them for the real world.

Parenting with the Future in Mind:

Charla shares her mission to help parents empower their teens for the challenges of adulthood.  Reflecting on her parenting approach, she discusses the significance of teaching teens by involving them in practical activities.

Teaching Life Skills during Tough Attitude Years:

Charla and Matt reflect on challenging moments during their teens’ tough attitude years and the persistence required to instill life skills.  They celebrate the positive outcomes, demonstrating how teens learn to handle real-life situations independently.

Explore the Essential Life Skills List for Teens:

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