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Encouragement Just For Moms Episode 344

Let’s regroup and recharge! It is time for encouragement for moms – yes, you! This episode if just for you mom, I’ll share some of the ways I’ve been able to take some time and refill, gain more energy and then charge back into life. Some of these things are easy and you can do in a few minutes, others take a bit more planning. Either way, this will be a blessing for you Mom, as we celebrate moms in the month of May!

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Encouragement For Moms

Moms, let’s face it we often put ourselves last and that means we are overworked, have mental fatigue and just want to go to bed, most days. When we are overwhelmed we feel defeated like we can’t continue on like this and remain healthy. Stress eats away at our health in ways that are detrimental! We want to be healthy, energetic and joyful! Does this sound far fetched or beyond your reach? Does this sound like I’m talking about someone else, but not you?

Friends, we have to take care of ourselves. It wasn’t until I got sick from stress and overwork that I realized I needed to change. I don’t smoke, drink or eat excessively. I don’t crave sweets – but I do like an occasional piece of chocolate. Feeling like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders, I realized I had to slow down and take charge of my health. With good food, supplements, and essential oils, I regained my health.

Now I’m not saying it was just what I fed my body – but I also fed my soul. I take time each and every day, to begin with prayer. An hour or more of prayer. Not just a “help me, Lord” like I use to shout out as a busy and frazzled homeschool mom – although I do some of that as well. More along the lines of reading the Bible, listening to the Word speak to me and praying all day. I recently did an episode of taking Jesus with You – on A Few Minutes with God Podcast. It has been such a blessing for me!

Look at why you feel the way you do and make a change. No one can do it – but you can!

Let’s talk about 5-Ways in 5 minutes to Recharge and Fresh – Encouragement for Moms

  1. Stop. Drop. Pray. Everyone says to take a deep breath – but how can you breathe when you feel stressed out? So, we are going to work on destressing! When you feel your most stressed stop right then, drop to your knees and pray! Recently I was working with one of my grandkids and they were getting stressed, so I stopped and prayed for them and it worked, they relaxed smiled and were able to complete the task at hand!
  2. Stop and smell the roses! Literally. What scent do you enjoy? I know some of you may be allergic to perfume, but if you like a particular clean scent – or even going outside after it rains – anything that will lift your spirits. I love lemon, and citrus smells. I love Bergmont an essential oil that has some of these scents. I use it every night before I go to bed, I put a few drops on my fingers and massage it on the back of my neck! It is so relaxing.
  3. Hot or cold compress. You can take a washcloth and place it in water (you can also use a “smell” you enjoy) and either heat it up in the microwave for 15-30 seconds – be sure check that it isn’t too hot — or, place it in cold water and place it over your eyes for five minutes. You can ask a child to read to you, or sing, or tell you a story! This will more than likely make you smile (or laugh) and give you a revigorating few minutes to relax! You can wash your face, this helps invigorate you as well.
  4. Sit down with your legs up. We sit, but either we have our legs folded, or crossed or under a desk with our kids doing school work nearby and when you get up you can be stiff and sore. If you sit with your legs elevated (even if you sit on the floor – where I spent many hours in my homeschool journey!) it works! You will feel refreshed.
  5. Sing! Don’t say you can’t hold a tune, put something uplifting on and sing! You can sing low so the song is louder but it helps. I sing praise and worship music all the time when I feel down and it is so uplifting. I have a song called Joy and it makes me, joyful!

The things that take longer than five minutes that you have to plan for are a long luxurious bath, listening to podcasts – for help and encouragement, hiring or trading with a friend to babysit the kids while you take a much needed break (this doesn’t mean you go grocery shopping! Although going alone does sound like a good idea!

Learn to say no – I didn’t include it in the list above because I wanted to focus on things you could do now, not preventative for the future. Get rid of the things that cause stress in your life – now! Your health and the wellbeing of your family is counting on it!

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