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Are you inspiring successful writers®?  WriteShop helps new and veteran homeschoolers alike teach writing with confidence. This award-winning program presents the building blocks of pre-writing, brainstorming, writing, and revising, helping students of all ages embrace the writing process.

The flagship WriteShop program sets your teens on a course for success, teaching descriptive, informative, narrative, and essay writing in a step-by-step manner.

WriteShop Primary offers your K-3rd grader an introduction to early writing skills. As you work closely together, you’ll help him explore the world of words through colorful and meaningful activities such as guided writing, picture books, and fun projects. WriteShop Junior exposes 3rd-6th graders to genre, fiction, and nonfiction writing—and introduces tools such as graphic organizers and editing games that truly motivate young writers.

WriteShop Primary is a parent-led writing program that gently introduces K-3rd graders to the steps of the writing process through hands-on activities, crafts, and picture books. Reading and writing skills are not needed.

WriteShop Junior exposes 3rd-6th graders to genre, fiction, and nonfiction writing—and introduces tools that truly motivate young writers. Pre-writing games help them learn and practice vocabulary and other skills in such a fun way, they have no idea they’re learning. Graphic organizers help them brainstorm and plan their stories and reports. And our engaging editing tools actually make it fun to proofread and revise.

WriteShop I and II offer incremental lessons, challenging assignments, and creative activities for junior high and high schoolers. WriteShop I students improve descriptive, informative, and narrative, writing skills by becoming proficient in four vital techniques: brainstorming, drafting, editing, and revising. WriteShop II users learn to expand their skills by learning about descriptive narration, point of view, and voice. This level ends with an introduction to persuasive and essay writing, including timed essays.

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WriteShop is offering one winner their choice of one WriteShop Set or Bundle!  (Excludes Starter Bundle and Video Sets)  Enter to win below.

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  1. I would use this for my girls

  2. I would use this with my boys to help develop their writing skills and creative story telling!

  3. Nicole henke says

    write shop I for HS

  4. Melissa Cazares says

    O would use it for my jr. High children.

  5. I have 5 kids that would benefit from this

  6. Would love this for my younger son as he enters junior high!

  7. Jamie Paul says

    i would use for my son.

  8. Megan Goodall says

    This would be perfect for my writing enthusiast.

  9. Carrie Herrington says

    I have been searching for a new curriculum for my it high son and saw this particular set on Cathy Duffy’s site. I think it would be a great fit for him.

  10. Andrea Bradshaw says

    I would use this curriculum to inspire my reluctant writer.

    • mediaangels says

      I interviewed Kim Kautzer, the interview is coming out on Vintage Homeschool Moms, check it out. Kim shares how to keep kids from having a writing meltdown.

  11. Wendi Shipe says

    buy high school writing curriculum

  12. I would love to try this with my children.

  13. I would use it for my dyslexic daughter to help with her writing.

  14. would love to try this to teach writing to my kiddos who do not like writing!!

  15. I am always looking for new ways to encourage my kids to write more and this looks like a good program for that.

  16. This would be great for homschooling my kids!

  17. Lynette Williams says

    I would choose Write Shop Junior E to use for both my children next year. I love Write Shop D.

  18. Rocio Sandoval says

    I would use it for my kids.

  19. I would use this for my reluctant writer.

  20. Julie Baniewicz says

    Awesome! Great homeschool writing product.

  21. Jessica Medina says

    I would use this for my son. I would love tow in the Write4 shop 1 bundle!

  22. Looks great for teaching genre

  23. Stephane Burger says

    Would love to win Writeshop 1 & 2 for my highschooler.

  24. Amy Fiedler says

    We’re approaching “Junior” level, and I need inspiration!

  25. Pamela Richardson says

    I would use this to refine my aspiring writer’s skills and to hopefully inspire my not so interested in writing sons . (7 sons)

  26. This would be a great help for our home!

  27. This would be awesome for my 11 year old!

  28. Judith Martinez says

    I would get the junior curriculum.

  29. I will offer to missionaries I support.

  30. Sarah Mechler says

    I’ve heard great things about WritE sHOP. mY girls would thrive with this, i believe!

  31. I would use this for my 4th grader to hopefully help him find again his love for writing.

  32. I would love this as a resource for teaching my daughter writing as she begins school.

  33. I think this would be a great resource for my twins!

  34. Danielle F says

    Would love to share this with my cousin in hopes that we could use the curriculum to help our little ones find their passion in writing

  35. Rachel Tankersley says

    I think this would be a good tool to teach my daughters to write

  36. Jill Miller says

    This looks perfect for my son!!

  37. Danielle Hull says

    I’ve been hearing some good reports about Write Shop and would like to try it out with my kids!

  38. My 12 year foster daughter has been using your free resources, due to us being pensioners ,and she LOVES it .Her writing skill has improved miraculously Thank you so much

  39. Angela Williams says

    I would include this in our homeschool curriculum.

  40. I would use this for Language Arts next year!

  41. Angela Medina says

    My sons need this.

  42. Amanda Cox says

    would be great for my 9 year old who hates writing

  43. We’ve been using B and D this year and love it!

  44. A.J.Osborn says

    I would use as a Curriculum to teach writing!

  45. I would use this for my dyslexic daughter, who is very creative, but has a hard time putting her ideas on paper.

  46. KATHERINE P says

    Our family would be able to use Write Shop Junior for all 4 of us at the same time next year. What a time savings blessing that would be for all of us.

  47. I would hope for the 6-10th version for use for both of my kiddos . What a blessing!

  48. I would use this for my oldest son, 11, who needs some help getting organized and motivated when it comes to writing!

  49. This would be wonderful for my son, he has such a creative mind. I believe this could help him in so many ways.

  50. I think we would go for the WriteShop Primary for our little guys!

  51. We are trying to focus of writing better. At grade 4 writing is a very I important part of showing that you understand what you’ve read and what you’ve heard and also how you construct your understanding. It’s a work in progress for all kids but I want to try this out.

  52. Sheila Moffatt says

    I checked this out at our convention. It looks so good! I would love to use this with all 7 of my children. Not positive if I would use it towards my older kids or younger ones.

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