Entrepreneurship as a Life Style with Your Kids

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Entrepreneurship as a Life Style with Your Kids

This week we hear from Gina Noble, who started a successful 6-figure business while homeschooling. Gina emphasizes how important interpersonal skills, communication skills, and academics are to entrepreneurship. #podcast #homeschoolpodcast

Life Lessons Learned through Building a Successful Business

Join us this week as we hear from Gina Noble, who started a successful 6- figure business with her four kids, while homeschooling.

Creating a business with her kids, allowed Gina to teach them not only academic, but life skills.

Entrepreneurship as a Life Style gave their family the time they needed to develop  interpersonal skills such as manners and communication skills as well as important academic skills like money management and cost/ benefit analysis and how they both contribue to the success of your current business and are transferable skills that your kids will use throughout their lifetime!


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