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Erin Odom AuthorErin Odom, Author an interview with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast #221

Today Felice Gerwitz interviews Erin Odom, author, and homeschool mom. She shares her family’s personal struggle.  Erin brings a unique message to bring hope to financially frustrated families in her new book.

Erin Odom, author of Just Making It: Hope for the Heart of the Financially Frustrated, published by Zondervan, a division of HarperCollins Christian! She blogs at Erin blogs about motherhood, homemaking, healthy living and family finances.

Show Notes: More Than Just Making It with Erin Odom, Author

Erin and her family were struggling, even though she and her husband had college degrees and both were earning good salaries, one was a spender and one a saver. They found themselves without jobs and lost their home. Their story is one that resonates with many hit financially during the downturn in the housing market. Jobless and with little children, they turned to God for help and found it at church and with a financial planner. Erin turned to writing and soon created a blog that became successful. Thankfully, she shares her success with all in her new book. Newly published author Erin, Odom!

  1. About Erin and her family.
  2. Homeschooling using the university model
  3. The one thing that impacted Erin to make a change.
  4. About Erin’s blog
  5. Root cause – income problem or a spending problem?
  6. Create income – one chapter in the book delves into this topic…passion, skill set, God given’s gifts.
  7. Contentment and gratitude of each day.




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