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essential oils for fitness | Essential oils are important for fitness results.Essential Oils for Fitness with Felice Gerwitz

Episode #215

Essential oils are important for fitness results. I am a perfect example, because of the increased benefits I’ve received. While exercise is a new addition on my to-do list, essential oils have enhanced my life and well-being for several years. It is amazing to think of a life without the benefits, now that I use them daily. Wellness and exercise include a healthy lifestyle. Eating right and exercising go hand in hand, and now with the benefits of essential oils you will see a vast improvement.

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Show Notes: Essential Oils For Fitness

  1. For centuries many cultures used essential oils for wellness and fitness
  2. Athletes use essential oils in their training regiment
  3. Essential oil benefits are backed by research
  4. Peppermint oils help with cardiovascular performance in athletes
  5. Lemongrass oils help with energy and weight
  6. Lemongrass helps to burn more calories
  7. Lemongrass with basil, clary sage and coconut oil
  8. Eucalyptus helps mood and energy (this can be added to a spray bottle with other oils)
  9. Add geranium, peppermint, bergamont (my favorite) to spray bottle 4oz water with Eucalyptus
  10. Lemon oil – my favorite in bottled water. Promotes immune system support, lymphatic drainage and fat loss
  11. Lemon drops in water, help with hydration, encourages you to drink more
  12. Deep Blue – is great for sore or stiff muscles – brings immediate relief.
  13. Fennel – a great benefit, add to lavender and use for calmness
  14. Fennel – sweet flavor, helps fight sweet tooth

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