Ethical AI Use for Scholarship Success

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274: Ethical AI Use for Scholarship Success

Ethical AI Use for Scholarship Success

Guest, Monica Matthews, a scholarship expert, talks to us about Ethical AI use for scholarship success for your children.

Monica was also the guest on episode 117 where she shared tips for completing online scholarship applications that will help students be successful.

Find Monica at her website, How 2 Win Scholarships, her Facebook page and her Facebook group, Scholarship Help and College Talk for Parents.

Topics Covered:

  • Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to write scholarship essays – why it’s a bad idea
  • Red flags that scholarship providers look for to detect AI-written essays (strange word choices, lack of personal stories/details, similar phrasing across essays)
  • Potential positive uses of AI for scholarship applications (grammar correction, brainstorming ideas, rephrasing)
  • How scholarship requirements may change due to AI (more personal questions, video essay submissions)
  • Importance of developing your own authentic voice and not relying too heavily on AI

Key Takeaways:

  • Scholarship providers want to hear your unique personal story – AI cannot replicate this
  • Use AI as a tool for brainstorming, grammar checks, etc. but don’t let it write your essays
  • Be prepared for scholarship apps to crack down on AI use and require disclosure
  • Work on developing skills like video editing as more visual components may be required
  • The ethical use of AI writing tools is crucial for long-term success

Resources Mentioned:

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