Even Second Generation Homeschoolers Make Mistakes

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Think second generation homeschoolers have it all figured out? Let's talk real talk about mistakes even second generation homeschoolers make.

Special Replay: Even Second-Generation Homeschoolers Make Mistakes

Episode #4

Do second-generation homeschoolers make mistakes? As I travel across the country, I am fortunate to meet some amazing people. Two of those I have met along the way are Mike and Jessica Somerville with Tapestry of Grace. Recently, I met up with Mike and Jessica at the Great Homeschool Conventions in Fort Worth, TX. Mike and Jessica Somerville are homeschool graduates that are now homeschooling their three beautiful daughters. If you are like me, you assume that they must be the PERFECT homeschooling family.

However, in this podcast, they share some lessons they have already learned from mistakes already made. You don’t want to miss this time together.


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You’ve got this,




Show Notes for Even Second Generation Homeschoolers Make Mistakes



Meeting the coolest people.


Learning to say yes to reading.


Set a shared vision and flexible vision.


Lesson 2: Don’t panic.


Make the right curriculum choices in the early years.


Where to start with homeschooling?


The importance of having a plan.


Space is the final frontier.


Find and read good books on homeschooling.


We’re not working for them.



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