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President Theodore Roosevelt

The Importance of Exercise – Part 1

Special Needs Families and Church – MBFLP 224

HSHSP Ep 150: Why All the Language Arts Credits in Homeschool? Interview with Katie Glennon

5 Ways Homeschool Parents Can Use Trello

LCP-12 Using Higher Order Thinking Skills in your Reading

Dealing with Angry People


Curriculum Shopping

25 Movies Families Can Watch Together

Seeking College Scholarships – MBFLP 225

Mastery Learning: Why to Consider It in Your Homeschool

Get Dressed for Homeschool Success

HSHSP EP 151: Approaches to Teaching Literature in Homeschool High School

How to select online classes for your children

The Importance of Exercise – Part 2

Should You Pay Homeschool Teachers

Communication Week 3: Modes of Electronic Communication: Netiquette


Dos & Don’ts — Insider’s Tips To Homeschool Curriculum

How to Help Your Homeschooler Transition to Middle or High School with Sherri Seligson

HSHSP Ep 152: How to Get Your Homeschool High School Organized, Interview with Melanie Wilson

How to use Quizlet to learn foreign language vocabulary

Parenting Beyond the Rules with Connie Albers

Having Those Hard Conversations When You Lead a Homeschool Group

How To Learn To Communicate Well In a Changing World: Interview with Ron Brumbarger


How To Buy Homeschool Curriculum

Don’t Waste Your Life

A Sane Approach to Homeschool Screen Time

HSHSP Ep 153: Helping Homeschool High Schoolers Adjust to Group Classes

Online communication skills your children need to learn

LCP 13 Developing Language Skills in your Young Learner

Working Yourself Out of a Job

Remedy Spotlight: Aethusa

Teach Creation with a Novel


Activities Kids Like That Teach

Organized Homeschool With Forms

How to Make the Most of Your Homeschool High School Years

HSHSP Ep 154: Astronomy for Homeschool High School, Interview with Luke Gilkerson

Homeschooling with Google Maps


A Novel Approach – Teach Creation To Kids

Activities Kids Love That Teach

What REALLY Matters with with Keri Vasek

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