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Evolution Taught To Kids As Truth | I've heard it all! Evolution has nothing to do with a kid's faith. But when evolution is taught to kids as truth the problems begin. It is one of the reasons that kids leave their faith as they get older. | #podcast #creationscienceEvolution Taught To Kids As Truth ~ Episode

I’ve heard it all! Evolution has nothing to do with a kid’s faith. But when evolution is taught to kids as truth the problems begin. It is one of the reasons that kids leave their faith as they get older. There are many excuses given for how a kid raised in a Christian, God-loving home can leave their faith behind. Maybe the kids never believed. Maybe they didn’t really mean it when they accepted the Lord as their personal Savior. Maybe they didn’t make their faith their own, or they weren’t really “saved.” No one can answer this question other than the person who once believed and now doesn’t.

In my experience talking to hundreds of parents in the years since I co-authored my first book on the topic of Creation, in 1994 the common theme was, evolution. The child bought into the lie taught as fact in the schools they attended. The biggest question I’ve asked is why is a theory taught as a fact? I think the answer is as varied as the person asking the question. Again, the common theme is because the “other” (Creationism) is faith and evolution is science. Evolution is a theory. It is not a scientific law.

In fact on further examination evolution contradicts scientific laws like Thermodynamics. But of course, we sweep this under the rug. Upon digging deeper we also learn that Darwinian evolution is discounted (because the fossil record never substantiated Darwin’s theory) and neo-Darwinism is in. Or is it? Now scientists think neo-Darwinism is in need of a replacement.

Many Christian households teach a Biblical Creation as stated in Genesis 1: God created… and many also are at a loss on how to fit their faith into evolution. News Flash! You don’t have to “fit” faith into evolution because evolution is a lie. Is there microevolution, changes within a kind. Absolutely. But macroevolution – goo to you by way of the zoo is a myth. Now scientists realize that what they thought was DNA “junk” randomly evolving human genome can’t happen. In fact, 95% of human genomes can not evolve. Really? We knew this. So, why do evolutionists keep insisting that Genesis is a myth?

Evolution Taught To Kids as Truth – The Problem

Once kids are taught that evolution is a “valid” theory (aka educated guess) kids think their parents lied, or worse. They park their faith at the door and feel that maybe Genesis is the fairy tale. In my many years of study into creationism and evolution, I learned that kids need to be taught both of the faith systems because truthfully both are based upon faith. We have faith in the unseen, we were not present when God created the world and we were not present when the big-bang or whatever other theory started the world, and from this disorder came order – and everything in between. There are many theories of origins and as demonstrated earlier, they keep changing. Some Christian believe that Almighty God chose to begin the world by evolution (Theistic Evolutionists).

So much of this has been debated and truthfully, it is up to each one of you to make this determination on your own. But, I’m warning you, if your kids are brought up with a strong faith and yet believe in evolution as a theory of molecules-to-man, they will be hard-pressed to defend their faith when they are in higher education. My co-author on the Creation Science Series, Jill Whitlock use to lament that those who believed in Theistic Evolution were lost, souls. I don’t go that far. Sure, you can believe in God, have a relationship with the Almighty and still believe in evolution. But what a loss.

Explaining to children that the Bible (especially Genesis) is an allegory or fairy tale, and then jumping to Genesis 1:27 – “Oh, but we believe that God created Adam and Eve, just not as He said in Genesis. You see, these organisms evolved and then at some point when a human was formed, God infused a soul into the first man and then the first woman, and called them Adam and Eve.” That is confusing to say the least. We must believe that Almighty God used death and destruction and “chance” as the molecules formed themselves eventually into a human, to then infuse a soul? Wow.

Never mind that there is no evidence that evolution happened. No fossil record. No verifiable scientific data. Only a theory.

Why are people so adamant that Creationism is false? That Genesis is not to be read literally? Because then a person must change and follow God and the “rules” which they believe are limiting.

Recently some big names in the Christian world have abdicated their faith. They’ve decided they are no longer Christians because of the “definition” of what it means to be a Christian. In the same sentence they added – oh, by the way, I am also getting divorced. We see the tragedy of sin in the priest scandal. We see pastors of various denominations falling prey to sin. How does this happen? It begins by turning away from the truth and coming up with the slang of the day “speaking your own truth.”

And when evolution is taught to kids as truth then nothing is sacred. Kids begin to question:

  • We don’t have to believe the Bible as written?
  • Do we have to believe in Noah’s ark? That was pretty far fetched, anyway.
  • Jonah and the whale – yeah, that was hard to believe, too.
  • Moses parting the Red Sea – yeah, totally weird.
  • Jesus born of a Virgin? How can that be?
  • Jesus the Son of God? Wow. I don’t know.
  • Jesus and the miracles of the loaves and fishes. How can that happen?
  • Jesus dying for our sins? If Adam and Eve didn’t exist then why did he have to die?
  • Jesus rising from the dead? Not sure about that one either.

Never mind that the disciples that walked with Jesus (except for John) were all martyred for their faith as well as thousands upon thousands of Christians. You don’t give your life for a myth or allegory.

Kids think in ways that many adults tend to think and if we begin questioning the truth of the Bible or a loose interpretation of it, then nothing is sacred. Friends, don’t believe me. Research creationism side-by-side with evolution. No one has all the answers but evolution is sure based on a bunch of theory by scientists who have very little if any evidence that points to a conclusion that is substantiated.

Hug your kids. Teach them the truth. You will be happy you did.

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