Exercise Apps That Work

 exercise apps that workLet’s Talk About Exercise Apps That Work – with Felice Gerwitz and Sue Gross

Podcast 205

Do you use an exercise app? Do you want to know which exercise apps work? In this episode, we discuss exercise apps and exercise equipment that helps you stay on track with your health and keep off the weight.

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Sue Gross: PerfectlyPureandNatural.com   – Sue talks about this wristband app: World Global Wellness – Fitness Band PerfectlyPure.WorldGN.com

Show Notes: Exercise Apps That Work and Help You Keep Off The Weight

With all the new exercise and tracking apps available how do you know what works? What do you invest your money in? If you listen to the typical commercials everything takes minutes and you are fit for life? But nothing is fast – it takes work in reality.

  1. Various Apps – look at what you want in your app
  2. Latest tracking wristbands that track your help
  3. Block negative rays (Sue Gross addresses this)
  4. Stationary bikes/
  5. Helio – Wellness Band World Global Wellness Fitness Band – as shared by Sue
    1. heart rate
    2. breath rate
    3. blood pressure
    4. steps
    5. moods, energy level
    6. EKG and ECG
    7. Quality of sleep patterns
    8. Titanium Plates -helps improve blood circulation


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