Exercise Basics

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Let’s Talk About Exercise Basics with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast #178

Yes I still dislike exercising, and no–I still don’t have time to exercise, however, I’m sticking to this plan. Podcast, keep you up to date and encourage you to continue on with me!

Show Notes: Exercise Basics

Handouts from the Creation Anatomy Book:   Creation Anatomy_HandoutsExercise-AllRightsReserved.

Exercise Basics

  1. Make it doable
  2. Good equipment – comfortable shoes and digital tracker (pacer) – free version, with a bonus to buy paid version after I lose 10lbs health and tracker apps
  3. Keep tabs with some print outs – Visual helps
  4. Do it with your kids OR inlist your older children to babysit while you exercise
  5. Keep hydrated!


Begin with stretching


Jogging – be sure to warm up and cool down

Exercises – be sure you have good form. Do it with someone else, ask other homeschoolers – talk about science fair and person who could sign off on papers!

Aerobics – with a video or youtube or even paid subscription classes


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