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exerciseLet’s Talk About Exercise – It is Not a 4 Letter Word! with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast 174 – Vintage Homeschool Moms ShortCuts

I never liked exercise and I don’t like it now… but I hope after I throw out this challenge, my dislike of exercise changes! In an effort to get healthy and avoid the dreaded time and effort it takes to exercise, I’ll make it a priority. I hope you take me up on this challenge!

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Show Notes: Exercise

My Goals to Exercise!

  1. I will walk at least one mile each day and build up to 3-5 miles daily
  2. Add some type of aerobic or stretching exercise
  3. I will eat healthy foods
  4. After I walk I get a reward!
  5. My goal is to lose 5 lbs this month
  6. My goal is to lose 20lbs overall


My plan to reach my goals to exercise and lose weight

  1. I’m going to get on the scale and record my weight – again, I’m not brave enough to share that with all of you – but I’m going to have that info so I have a place to begin.
  2. I will use devices such as mobile apps to attain my fitness goal. There are all kinds of apps – I’m actually using a free one for now, but I may consider purchasing it because it has all kinds of information that I can use.
  3. I’m going to use the 4Life supplements – my portal is here  – I will take Citri-Shape Trio – It is a weight loss management supplement – that helps boost my metabolism I will let you know how that works!
  4. Start a conversation on my private group page for our radio network to keep me on task! –  and join me! Post your victories or struggles with me.
  5. And – I am going to do this with your help – LOTS of prayer and help from my family!I pray you have success…



  1. Jenn Pearson says

    It’s so awesome that you are taking these steps to a healthier you! One resource that has been so helpful for me is Sparkpeople.com – a couple years ago I dropped 35 lbs using their free resources and have been maintaining that loss (with some minor ups and downs) since. I especially appreciate the support of the SparkTeams there and have been part of a “Biggest Loser Challenge” team for the last couple of years, and it’s really helped me stay motivated. We have weekly challenges to earn points in competition against other teams.

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