Explore cities with digital scavenger hunts

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Digital Scavenger Hunts

Episode 41: Explore cities with digital scavenger hunts


My oldest daughter, Rachel, suggested I do an episode on this as she and I have enjoyed a number of Digital Scavenger Hunts together. Rachel teaches the Visual Literacy class for FundaFunda Academy.

Digital scavenger hunts can be found in most cities – and sometimes even in specific locations eg museums.

They are a self-paced tour/scavenger hunt /problem-solving game all in one

1. Tour guide: they provide info on the city you are exploring
2. Scavenger hunt – everyone is looking for the solution to the clue
3. Game – you earn points as you progress. There are usually hints but then you lose points.


1. Exercise
2. Use thinking skills
3. Educational
4. Find places you never would on your own
5. Go at your own pace
6. Competitive / game element

Where can you find them?

You can Google “digital scavenger hunt “city” mobile device”. You can also often find deals on Groupon / Living Social.

Here are some I have done or gifted to my children.
Scavenger Hunt
Huntzz (this a British one)

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