Exploring the Benefits of Homeopathy in Childbirth with Midwife Elizabeth Meyer

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In this episode of "Homeopathy for Mommies", host Sue Meyer interviews midwife Elizabeth Meyer, midwife for a recent birth in her family.In this episode of “Homeopathy for Mommies”, host Sue Meyer interviews midwife Elizabeth Meyer, midwife for a recent birth in her family.

Elizabeth’s journey into midwifery and homeopathy is deeply rooted in her upbringing. Raised with homeopathy and herbal medicine, Elizabeth’s mother’s rudimentary understanding of health and natural remedies played a significant role in shaping her career path. When Elizabeth became pregnant, she knew she wanted to use these natural remedies to support her body throughout pregnancy. She sought out a midwife who shared her beliefs and had a peaceful and nurturing connection with her. Her own birth experience, a water birth in her kitchen, deepened her love for her child and sparked her desire to have more children. This experience also ignited her passion to incorporate her knowledge about homeopathy into her practice as a midwife.

Elizabeth and Sue share their experiences using homeopathic remedies during childbirth in this episode.  Sue shares about three new remedies she is adding to the birthing kit based on her positive experiences in recent experiences.

The Live Q&A with Elizabeth will be on December 12th at 11 AM CST inside the Members Corner and will be recorded!  You can join here: https://members.homeopathyformommies.com



Elizabeth’s Introduction to Homeopathy (00:02:59)

Choosing a Midwife and Home Birth (00:04:52)

Becoming a Midwife and Incorporating Homeopathy (00:06:28)

Importance of nutrition in pregnancy (00:11:18)

Finding and securing a midwife (00:16:53)

The Role of Communication in Labor and Birth (00:19:23)

The Experience of a Long and Challenging Labor (00:22:33)

The importance of having a midwife for first-time moms (00:26:08)

The impact of c-sections on the body (00:28:02)

The significance of postpartum rest and nutrition (00:31:01)

Remedies for Labor Pains (00:34:39)

Pituitary Support for Blood Pressure (00:35:49)

Importance of Continuous Learning in Midwifery (00:37:08)



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