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family action plan | Get your battle gear on, it’s time for a family action plan! Most of us enter into family life with a day-to-day survival mentality. #Homeschool #homeschooling #podcast #FamilyActionPlanFamily Action Plan

Episode 265

Get your battle gear on, it’s time for a family action plan! Most of us enter into family life with a day-to-day survival mentality. Now is the time to kick that survival mode attitude and become proactive! In this episode, I discuss my aversion to details, planning and how life got the best of me most days, weary and defeated I fell into bed only to rinse and repeat again. Then an idea, a small seed that sprouted into what I call a family action plan – that I’ll share in this not be missed episode!

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As adults, we are responsible for our families. We have jobs, we figure out where we will live–we buy or rent a home, we decide what we will eat for the day, for the week or even for the month. But do we really plan and focus on what we hope to accomplish within our families? I felt the years were speeding by when my first two children sprung into their teen years. I had a little one and had started “life” over in a sense. I wondered what was becoming of our family, would I have enough time to spend with each kid, was anyone going to feel left out–and truthfully things I never worried about before started to creep in and concern me.

Let’s face it, having two kids was easier than five and having kids when I was younger with more energy was actually different then having children in my late 30’s because I was an experienced mom, and much more relaxed. My last three children got away with less since this savvy mom already knew what to expect!

Yet something was missing — a Family Plan!

My husband and I ran several businesses together. Being entrepreneurial was in my blood, if not his, and with some help and enthusiasm on my part, we began a construction and home inspection business that he works in, and I run my publishing business that consists of this network and books I’ve published. Our businesses have measures in place so they practically run themselves or if there is a problem, years of experience come into play. Why couldn’t we apply this to our family? Write a business plan for our family life?

And that is what I propose. Our goals and objectives will be different but some things are the same. Having a mission statement, goals, looking at our communication with our customers and employees, and keeping an eye on the future while planning for the unexpected. Yes, you can actually plan for things that might crop up without being Debbie-Downer! Of course, life can throw you a curveball, but if you have an idea of how you want your life to look it may actually help.

One of the main elements that has been our mainstay in all our years in business and family life is one main constant. Love of God, trust in God and His providence for our family, and looking to God for our answers before we find ourselves struggling! I may have shared with you in the past that I tend to get ahead of God. I get this idea and want to run with it, but when I stop, write it down and place it in my prayer journal I wait until I have peace I don’t move ahead with it…

So what are those top five things and how can you create a family plan of your own?

Click here to download the pdf file of the following for your own private use. Top Five Things To Do TO Create A Family Plan-handout

family action planHere is an outline:

  1. Top Five Things To Do TO Create A Family PlanMission:
    1. What is your family mission statement?
    2. Do you have your mission statement posted where everyone can see it?
    3. Does everyone understand your family mission statement?


    1. What are your goals and objectives for your family?
    2. Do I have priorities and are they in the correct order?
    3. How do I instill values and faith in my family?


    1. Do I have open lines of communication set within my family?
    2. Has there been a breakdown of communication? If so how can I fix it?
    3. Do I need to communicate rules in a better way?


    1. How do I anticipate my family structure changing in the future?
    2. Have I projected the financial needs of my family now and in the future?
    3. Have I considered savings, investments or college funds?


    1. Have I identified unmet financial needs?
    2. Have I identified unmet needs with my spouse or children?
    3. Do I have a plan in place for the unexpected (financial: medical, school, home)?

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