Family Celebrations

family celebrationsFamily Celebrations on The Cheap  with Felice Gerwitz Podcast 201

It is time to have a family celebration! Whether it is Veterans’ Day – Memorial Day – or the 4th of July there is always time to enjoy parties with the family on the cheap! In this episode, I’ll discuss including academics, the history of the celebration, planning fun activities for the kids as well as decorations and food.

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Show Notes: Family Celebrations on the CHEAP

Fun Kid Activities

  1. Historical significance of the holiday
  2. Memorial Day historical significance
  3. Veteran’s Day historical significance
  4. July Fourth historical significance
  5. Balloons – water balloons, punching balloons, helium balloons
  6. Craft ideas

Decorations – Include the Kids

  1. Themed decorations with holiday in mind
  2. DIY crafts – red, white and blue

Food – Plan Ahead

  1. Do as much as you can ahead and freeze
  2. Pulled chicken, pulled pork – BBQ
  3. Baked ziti
  4. Fresh vegetables and fruit
  5. Carved melon



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July Planner Printable for Mom and Kid Fun!