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Family Loyalty | Do you have family loyalty? Do you know what it means to be loyal? In this episode we are going to talk about your family, your parents, and those adults in charge of you. And we are going to talk about that and so much more. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #familyloyalty #loyaltytofamily #loyalkids #kidsandfamilyloyalty #kidsandfamily #familydynamics Family Loyalty: For Kids Episode 409

Do you have family loyalty? Do you know what it means to be loyal? In this episode we are going to talk about your family, your parents, and those adults in charge of you. And we are going to talk about that and so much more. Another episode for the kids!

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What do you think being loyal means? If you said it has to do with standing by someone or some idea or purpose these are all correct. We hear about loyalty when we think about the military. The men who fight for our country to keep us safe, they are loyal to an idea or a cause. When people described people that were loyal they used the word chivalry. Chivalry means to protect, to be honest, to be kind and to care even to the point of giving your life. But did you know being loyal applies to your parents and your family as well?

So, again – let’s think about this word loyalty. Are your parents loyal to you?

Your parents put you first, above people not in your family, right? They feed you, make sure you have clothes to wear and a place to sleep. And, for homeschoolers you know your parents are your teachers.  You listen to your teachers whether it is a parent or a teacher outside of the home. So, what happens when someone tells you to trust? Well, trust is earned for the most part. If you are a kid, maybe you have lost your parent’s trust by making the wrong choices. But, generally, people who are authority figures should be trusted.

Do you remember in your early grades you studied about community helpers? These are people who had jobs within a community where you live that serve in a job that helps, for example, law enforcement, teachers, firefighters, emergency personnel like ambulance drivers and EMTs or paramedics. These are people in authority. There are many people that fall into this category. They pretty much get our trust because they are an authority figure. You really don’t want to argue with a firefighter who is trying to rescue you from a burning building.

Well, our parents are authority figures as well. Some parents are great and some, well not so much. Some kids in a family are great, some are not so great, but no family is perfect. We all make mistakes and when we do, we should all apologize and say we are sorry. I have written many apology notes to my kids during times when I messed up. Yes, even adults make mistakes. But we are still a family.

We should have family loyalty. It is important. Maybe you yell at your siblings but if someone else says something bad about them you want to fight with that person to defend your sister or brother, or maybe mom or dad. We should be loyal to our family because we know our family cares about us, even if they do not always show us they care.

Who put your family together? Are you a person of faith? If so, you believe that God had a hand in putting your family together. Maybe you wish that God didn’t give you the family you have because you think another family is better. God gives us all free will, we are not puppets, and we can make our own choices. Some people make good choices and others do not. So, where does that leave us?

But why have family loyalty? Why is that important? For some of you, you may think that is a strange question. I started thinking about this the other day when I caught the tail end of a superhero movie on television. Well, I think it was a superhero – it was an X-Men movie–are they superhero? I don’t even know. Anyway, at the end of the movie I heard one of the characters say some words that I have heard before. I heard these in my college classes. It started with this:

“Forget everything your parents have taught you.”

What! Why would someone say that to you? Why should you forget everything your parents taught you?

  1. Would your parents teach you something that is bad?
  2. Would your parents want to harm you?
  3. Would your parents teach you something that your teachers or other authority figures may not want you to know?Hmm…

You are a kid no matter how old you are. You will always be a kid to your parents. Your parents love you and they care about you. They want you to be loyal to your family and believe what they have taught you at home is right and just.

  1. Parents teach you about right and wrong.
  2. Parents teach you about faith.
  3. Parents teach you about values and morals. Basically, families teach you important things that they want you to learn.

If someone tells you to forget everything your parents taught you and listen to them, doesn’t that make you suspicions? When I heard a teacher say that to me, this is what I thought.

  1. Why should I listen to you, OVER my parents? I don’t know you or what you believe.
  2. I will respect you if you are a teacher or authority figure, but you are making me pretty suspicious if you are telling me not to believe my parents.
  3. I will not believe everything YOU say, without thinking it through.

An authority figure that tells you to forget what your parents say that does not know what your parents said, is wrong. Why do they say this? A fancy way of saying this is they have an agenda. They think they know better than your parents. They want you to think the same way they do, and they do not want you to have an opinion that is different from theirs. There was a movie God’s Not Dead and in that movie the professor wanted everyone to sign a piece of paper that said that God was a myth and the belief in God was not true. Everyone in the class signed the paper except for one student. And the professor was very angry with him, and tried all different ways to make him back down.

This is why family loyalty is important but also what you believe. If you are confused, ask your parents.

Many teachers really do a good job and they care. But, some teachers really don’t want you to have an opinion and view that is different than theirs.  This happens to some adults at work as well. If people really care they should understand that we all think differently. Yes, even if we disagree. You should be allowed to have your opinions and other people should be allowed to have their opinions.

So, why are we talking about family loyalty? Because if we are loyal to our families we:

  1. Put our family over your friends. We are committed to each other.
  2. We enjoy the family that God gave us.
  3. We stand up for members of our family.
  4. We stand with the members of our family.
  5. We work together as a family toward common goals.
  6. We make a commitment to our families.
  7. We encourage our family members and not put them down.

Each one of you is amazing and important and each one of you—I believe was created in the image and likeness of God. God does not make junk! he made you and gave you to the family you have, and we make the best with our family. Our family is practice for the family you will someday be with and do your part to be the best you can.


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