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“Mom, I’m hungry!” That call from the back of the van is more frequent than “Are we there yet?” – especially when there are teenagers in the mix. So what can a budget-conscious family do when the stomachs start to growl? This episode we talk about how we keep the food expenses low, keep the troops happy, and eat cheap when we’re on the road!


Resources We Mentioned:

The incredible Instant Pot (affiliate link)

Where we find neat local restaurants:

Or “as seen on the Food Network,” restaurants from Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives


How We Make Pimiento Cheese (Large Southern Family Edition):

2 lb bag of shredded cheddar or Mexican blend cheese (unseasoned)

1 pint of salad dressing-style mayonnaise (think “Miracle Whip”) – basically half a standard jar

4 oz jar of diced pimientos (usually on the aisle with olives and pickles or in the Hispanic food section)

Yes, this is a big batch! We often make this much for lunch at church or to take on the road.

Simply combine the ingredients. It blends easier if you use mayonnaise from a newly opened jar at room temperature. Use the entire jar of pimientos including the juice – sometimes we add a dash of pickle juice for variety. Stir in the mayonnaise bit by bit and stop when you like the consistency. The flavor is even better if you keep it overnight in the refrigerator. Great in sandwiches, on hamburgers, eaten on crackers, or spread on celery.

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  1. Krystal Winn says

    Hi, Hal and Melanie!
    I love your podcast and listen regularly. I heard you mention on this episode that you will be traveling to 5 major conferences while you travel for 7 weeks. Just curious, how do you handle childcare at the conferences? Do your kids attend conference sessions with you? Thanks for any help/tips.
    Blessings, Krystal Winn

    • Hal and Melanie Young says

      I am so sorry I missed your comment! When our kids were younger, we’d have one of the teens watch the younger kids in the room (we would stay at the convention center hotel, if we couldn’t they’d come with us). Now that they are a little older (and we have fewer big kids still at home), everyone stays at the booth, either working or quietly entertaining themselves behind the booth. It’s challenging, but our kids have learned so much as we travel – yes, at the booth, but also homeschooling and doing field trips along the way!

  2. Great information, thank you Hal and Melanie!

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