What Happened to Family Values?

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Family values article and podcast from Felice GerwitzWhat Happened To Family Values? Episode 518

What has happened to family values? Many families are struggling to find quality content for their children. Join Felice Gerwitz and Kirk Cameron for this special episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms. Kirk shares some wonderful resources available for the family.

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Family Values

Have you wondered about American family values? Are you struggling to provide quality content for your family? Well, today’s guest is such a blessing and has useful information to share! Kirk is married to his wife, Chelsea, have been married for 31 years, have six children, and host an all-expenses-paid summer camp for terminally ill children and their families called Camp Firefly.

Kirk Cameron has made a big impact on our society through films like Fireproof, The Homeschool Awakening, and Lifemark. Kirk linked arms with BRAVE Books in December of 2022 and has been working for the Kingdom, sharing his faith and emphasizing our freedoms across the country. In 2023, he launched the See You at the Library campaign, and he announced his most recent endeavor as a spokesperson for SkyTree Book Fairs, a non-profit whose mission is to get more age-appropriate, wholesome books into schools. His passion for bringing traditional biblical and American values back to public spaces is contagious and reviving hope for families everywhere.

Family values begin in the home.

This is something we know, yet what we may not realize is that even our public libraries and trusted children’s booksellers are doing everything they can to sabotage parental efforts. In this episode, Kirk shares how he came up against opposition in the See You at the Library campaign. Fifty libraries across the USA kept him from coming, basically boycotting his message. His message contained the fruit of the spirit values! Who could be against that? As parents, we need to know what is happening in our public libraries.

I shared a situation that happened to me at an airport that questioned my rights not only to vote but to voice her opinion. The blog post I discussed on air can be found on my website here. Blog Post – “This Is What Democracy Looks Like.” 

We should stand up for what we believe with love, kindness, and compassion, and not with anger. When I asked Kirk how we can be told what to believe and not to believe – he said we should not allow people to dictate our beliefs. So, powerful (more on air).

Kirk shares how important this time is for Christian families to stand up for what is important, as well as ways we can equip our families with wholesome books. He also shares how we can not allow the enemy victory. Most encouraging is his stance and call to all of us. He states we have been created for a time like this and that we should embrace our call and use our gifts as we are able.

We briefly discuss how Kirk was not always a Christian but how Jesus found him in Hollywood. He explains how a pastor once told him that he didn’t find Jesus because Jesus wasn’t lost. He continues to fight for access to good content through SkyTree Book Fairs, coming to a town near you. For more information about Kirk Cameron and Brave Books or Sky Tree Bookfairs, see the links below.


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