Fathers as Storytellers with SD and Josiah Smith

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Fathers as Storytellers with SD and Josiah Smith on The Real Kathy Lee Podcast!On this episode I had the privilege of speaking with the SD (Sam) Smith and his brother, Josiah. I met these sharp dressed men a couple of years ago as Sam’s book, The Green Ember was being launched. Sam and Josiah are one of four boys and have a passion for fatherhood and making every moment count with their families.

I had such an amazing time listening to these dads share their heart for reading and storytelling with their children. Not only did they share many benefits for taking the time to connect with children through stories, they also shared some practical tips to help along the way. I think we will all be encouraged to know that being a published author is not a requirement for being a great storyteller.

I am so grateful that Sam and Josiah took time to chat with me on this episode. I think this is a must listen for every dad out there and would be a great present for the dad in your life. Simply grab their phone and download the episode for them. Of course, moms can be great storytellers, too.

I love this family journal, Stories We Shared. This is a great way to keep track of all of the incredible books/stories you read together. Check out https://store.rabbitroom.com/ to learn more.

Sam shared the following resources during our episode:

1.Story Warren – Supports families in fostering imagination in the children they love.

2. StoryformedThe heartbeat of Storyformed.com is simple: To get life-shaping books into the lives of children everywhere. To help you discover the best children’s books. To celebrate the soul-forming power of imagination and story. To help you and your children live a story worth telling.

3. Read Aloud Revival – Sarah provides a great booklist for parents to explore.

Don’t forget to check out The Green Ember and get to know the beautiful work of SD Smith! Also, you can follow Sam on FaceBook and Instagram.

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