February Checklist Freebie

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I can’t believe that February is almost here. The new year is in full swing and this is the time where we continue to work on our goals and resolutions and see what is working for our families. There are also some fun things that are coming up in the month of February so some February checklists will help you keep all the things organized.

February Checklist Freebie

We hope you are enjoying our new Ultimate Checklists. They sure help you think through the things that you need to tackle and help you to stay on track. What are the important things on your list this month? Some things may include grocery shopping  days, mega-cooking days, or doctor appointments.

They will help you schedule weekly cleaning days or laundry days. How about school days, field trips, and all the extra curricular activities to keep track of. Keeping a monthly calendar for family events will help!

Valentine’s Day With Family

The most notable date of the calendar in Feburary is the 14th which centers around Valentine’s Day.  In the commercialism of the world this always revolves around flowers, candy, cards and balloons.

Some families ignore this day completely, while others enjoy making it a special day of love for their children an their spouse. Do you have plans to go out to dinner with your loved ones or do you prefer to have a special dinner and desserts at home with your whole family?

We have always enjoyed celebrating together as a family and having a fancy dinner and heart shaped desserts. One year we had a Beauty and the Beast themed dinner and we made some entrees from the Be Our Guest scene in the movie and the youngest dressed up as Belle.  This year my girls want to do a Lady and the Tramp themed dinner complete with giant meatballs, long skinny breadsticks.

These detailed dinners take quite a bit of planning to make sure that all the fine details are taken care of. From recipes, to ingredients, shopping lists and decorations there are a lot of things to keep track. Checklists are such a great help!

What is inside this month’s Ultimate List freebie?

This month’s Ultimate List includes many lists and activities to make all of your February family events extra special. There are even blank forms for you to fill out for your own customized lists. Your older students may want to take some of these and create their own planners and checklists for special events and cooking and meal planning.

  • Checklists Guide – this is a breakdown on how to use your lists for the month, with suggestions to help you get started.
  • Objectives Worksheet
  • Weekly Planning Worksheet
  • Blank Printable February Calendar
  • Four square planner  – Faith, Kids, School and Household with ideas and spaces to create and plan a Valentine’s Day party
  • February Short Term Goals, Mid Term Goals and Long Term Goals
  • Evaluation Weekly Worksheets
  • Motivational Posters
  • Printable February Checklist
  • February Holidays Printable Sheet
  • Printable February Cleaning List
  • February  Academic Checklist
  • Valentine Party Checklist
  • Birthday Party Checklist
  • Chore Schedule Blank
  • Chore Schedule with Tasks
  • Quarterly Planning
  • Homeschool Weekly Planning Sheets
  • Quick Start Chore Chart – with ideas and suggestions to help you get started
  • Meal Planning – suggestions to get started and a friendly kid recipe

The directions on how to download the monthly checklist will be are sent in each weekly ezine. The planner access information is always located at the bottom of each email.

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