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Lisa Nehring, is joined by Juile Polance of Julie Naturally to talk about ways that overworked homeschooling Mommas can refresh.Feeling Frazzled? 3 Simple Steps to Refresh!

Today True North Homeschool Academy Director, Lisa Nehring, is joined by Juile Polance of Julie Naturally to talk about ways that overworked homeschooling Mommas can refresh. Like Julie says, it’s not rocket science, but going back to basics can oftentimes keep us going!

In order to keep refreshed, particularly with the busyness of Homeschooling, possibly working a second job, keeping a house and family together, Julie suggests:

  1. Have one hour of quiet time each day. A good time is after lunch, or mid-afternoon. Everyone goes to a separate area of the house, they can read or study or play quietly. Moms, resist the urge to spend this time working or cleaning. Take time to rest yourself, do a craft.
  2. Protect your evenings, for you and your spouse. Have regular bedtimes for kids and  enforce it. Even with older kids, if they are not ready to go to sleep, they can read quietly in their room. Spend time talking, visiting, doing a hobby or watching a movie together- just you and your spouse.
  3. Get outside each and every day! Green therapy is actually being prescribed for ADD and ADHD children, and it simply means, get outside. Go on a walk or a hike, go geocaching or letterboxing, play a sport or games together. Even setting up an outside obstacle course, croquet or badminton nets in the yard can be a fun and entertaining way to enjoy nature and get outside. Of course, don’t overlook nature studies and nature journaling, or joining a Wild and Free group.Audubon Guides can make for satisfying and directed outside time-set a goal to  learn as many birds, trees or wildflowers in a year as you can! This can lead to really enjoyable lifelong hobbies!

Keep calm and peaceful can take intentional effort and planning on our part, particularly as we juggle the many demands on our time and talents. Setting clear boundaries around our priorities will allow us to thrive in all areas!

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