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Felice Gerwitz, Vintage Homeschool Moms, Media AngelsPodcaster of Vintage Homeschool Moms ~  Felice Gerwitz

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Hey there! Kendra Fletcher here of the HomeschoolingIRL podcast, and I am popping in because I want you to know all about my friend and mentor, Felice Gerwitz.

Felice has a generous and kind heart, cheering on younger homeschoolers and bloggers all over the web. She began homeschooling her 5 children in 1986 and since then has turned her experience and wisdom into books, webinars, and podcasts all with the intent of equipping and ministering to homeschooling parents all over the world.

You’ll appreciate her knowledge (she holds degrees in Elementary Education, Learning Disabilities, and Early Childhood Education), her candor, and her heart for the Lord. Plus, every first Monday of the month she’s joined by co-host Meredith Curtis, who also freely shares her years of homeschooling experience with listeners. Tune in to Vintage Homeschool Moms with Felice and you’ll see exactly what I mean!

Vintage Homeschool Moms airs at noon EST on Mondays, every single week.


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Connect with Felice on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network Facebook page, as well as on her publishing page at Media Angels.

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