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Field Trip Packing List | Do you have your field trip packing list? Enjoy this article by Samantha Anne Moss   Field trips are fun and exciting but sometimes you can be a little unprepared...| #homeschoolblog #fieldtrips #packinglist Field Trip Packing List 

Do you have your field trip packing list? Enjoy this article by Samantha Anne Moss 

Field trips are fun and exciting but sometimes you can be a little unprepared, knowing what to pack and how to prepare can make all the difference. These are a few things that can help when you are packing for a field trip. Here is a list of common items you should consider bringing on just about every field trip. 

Indoor Field Trips: 

  1. A camera, video camera, tablet or phone (if you have any of these devices)    
  2. Comfortable shoes.
  3. Comfortable clothes
  4. A purse or backpack to hold your stuff.
  5. A sketchpad and pencils, some museums and other indoor field trips do not permit markers and crayons because they can cause damage to the displays, especially paintings. Therefore, it would be best to avoid these.
  6. Bringing a sweater can be a lifesaver especially if you are in a museum, they always seem to be twenty degrees colder than is comfortable!
  7. A notebook is a very good way to keep track of what you saw and learned.
  8. A question sheet (a blank piece of paper can work) allows you to keep track of your questions, and the guide’s answers.   

I love gathering what I bring in my backpack to the particular field trip we are going on. This is something each kid can do on their own. Use this list as a jumping-off point to help you brainstorm what you need and what you can leave at home for another trip. 

Outdoor Field Trips:

  1. A camera, a video camera, or your phone.
  2. Comfortable shoes. It is especially important to have closed-toed shoes and high socks.    
  3. Comfortable clothes are a necessity and if you are camping or on a hike or any other outside field trips you need to able to move and run.    
  4. Bug spray is super important if you are getting bit up then it can easily turn an enjoyable trip into a nightmare. I went camping not that long ago and trust me it was, it was a lifesaver.  
  5. A first aid kit, or if you don’t have a whole kit then a simple solution is to stick a few bandages and maybe some kind of pain-relieving ointment in your pocket. 
  6. A sketchpad, this time you can have as many different types of writing utensils as you want. Vibrant colors can help you capture God’s creation. 
  7. A backpack or a purse to hold your things. 
  8. I would also recommend that you do some research on the place where you are going and think of some questions, then put them on a piece of paper, this question sheet may come in handy and you can always add answers to the sheet later.   
  9. Sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen, you are probably thinking these are no brainers, but I’m also sure you know it is very important to keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face. I decided to add these anyway because the last thing that you need is to get a sunburn, that would not be pretty!           
  10. A nature book (Specific to your location) is a very helpful way to help you identify what you are observing in nature.

 I hope that this gives you some good ideas of what you should bring on a field trip. There are many different kinds of kids and field trips so take into consideration what you will need and use. Don’t overpack or you will be hauling unnecessary and useless items. Some of these items may not be necessary, while others are a must-have! I hope that when you go on your next field trip, indoors or out, that you consider what you need so that you can have an awesome trip and be well prepared for anything that may happen.          

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