Fighting The Flu

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Join Sue Meyer as she discusses the constant battle against fighting the flu! #Homeschool #PodcastFighting the Flu – Before It Gets You

Join Sue Meyer as she discusses the constant battle against fighting the flu!


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  1. Do you immunize the whole family, the adults as well as the children?

  2. I love your podcasts! I am on the second go around for listening. I will probably listen a few more times. I am a little slow and there is alot of info. I have your book as well.
    Just wondering if you can talk about heart palpitations sometime. I am post menopausal. I am being treated with sepia by my homeopath. He is very good but we have not been able to get this symptom under control. I did try digitalis 30C and it definitely moved the symptoms from a 8 out of 10 to about a 3 out of 10. But now they seem to be coming back like the original. It is mostly at night when I lay down in bed that they are worse.

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