Finding Jesus At Christmas

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finding Jesus at Christmas | Finding Jesus at Christmas seems to be the obvious choice, right? That is the entire reason for the season. #Homeschool #homeschooling #podcast #findingjesusFinding Jesus At Christmas

Holiday Traditions

Episode 246

Finding Jesus at Christmas seems to be the obvious choice, right? That is the entire reason for the season. Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus. However, so many traditions vie for attention. Reading the Christmas carols, singing Christmas songs (not all that are religious), and opening presents take center stage on Christmas morning. In this episode we discuss finding Jesus, putting the focal point back on the real reason for Christmas.

Finding Jesus at Christmas can be an intellectual, spiritual or even an activity that you can do that will help your family focus on the real meaning. Jesus coming as an infant touches our hearts. When we look at a nativity scene or watch a Christmas production at church many of us can’t remain dried eyes – tears flow! Why? Because we understand the importance of that first Christmas and the ultimate sacrifice on Good Friday. How do we encourage our children to celebrate Jesus?

Here are some tips for finding Jesus at Christmas:

  1. Start the month of December with an Advent calendar. The children can count down to the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day.
  2. Celebrate Advent with an advent wreath. Light a candle each evening (or at dinner), one for each week before Christmas, read a Scripture verse from the Bible or use a book (here is one we have used for years: The Season of Light Daily Prayer )
  3. Have the children participate in a Christmas play. Typically these events take weeks to practice and that does take time, however, the results are the children knowing the story of the birth of Jesus. Be sure to read the Bible story and discuss with your children.
  4. Recite the Christmas story. Take turns telling a few lines of the story, each family member adds more and more until the entire story of the Christmas birth is told.
  5. Set up a nativity set at home. My children always had small sets they placed in their own rooms. It was a wonderful reminder of the reason for the season.
  6. Christmas morning attending church. We attend on Christmas Eve and celebrate Christmas morning with prayers, lighting of our Advent wreath, thanking Jesus for His birth, and when the children were little we would hide baby Jesus for them to find before they opened presents.

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