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Pastor Mike Curtis and Meredith Curtis

Join the Finish Well Team the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m. ET as they talk about real issues that teens face each day. We want to grow in Christ together, prepare for life after graduation, and live lives that glorify Jesus. Pastor Mike & Meredith Curtis lead the Finish Well Team of couples, singles, and teens. Mike is senior pastor at Powerline Community Church where Meredith leads worship. They are homeschooling parents of five amazing children, three of whom are home school grads. With a passion for making disciples, Mike & Merey believe that God is raising up a generation of world changers. The Finish Well team is here to serve and equip you to stand strong for Jesus and change the world around you! Would you like to meet the whole team? Head over to our website to meet everyone! fw-slider-16You will hear from teens, homeschooling parents, homeschool grads, and singles who are just like you. They love the Lord, resist temptation, sometimes blow it, struggle with relationships, and are pressing on to see Jesus face to face! Though most of the shows are for teens, parents are always welcome.

December on Finish Well Radio

Life Lessons from History: Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941

In “Life Lessons from History: Pearl Harbor 12.7.41” episode #102, Meredith Curtis takes you back in time to the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, that plunged America into World War II. What led up to that historical moment? Were we the only ones attacked?  Why was Pearl Harbor such a strategic target? How did the attack arouse a sleeping giant? Meredith answers all these questions and more, letting you in on the decades of preparation by the Japanese. She also shares lessons we can apply to our own personal lives.

Happy Birthday Creator-King

In “Happy Birthday Creator-King,” episode #103, Meredith Curtis talks about birthdays and what makes birthdays special for the birthday person, the family, and the guests. How does the birthday person want to celebrate? As we celebrate Jesus, our Creator-King’s birthday, we can plan our Christmas celebration as a birthday where Christ is the center of all our plans, rather than an afterthought. If you can grasp these principles as a family, it will change your Christmas celebrations forever to be more festive and joyous than you could ever imagine.

On the show, the Finish Well Team will discuss:

  • Growing in the Lord
  • Enjoying Strong Friendships and Family Relationships
  • Courtship and Marriage
  • Getting & Staying Free from Addictions
  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Schoolwork & Time
  • Creating and Playing Music
  • Money, Time, & Business
  • Missions


Upcoming Shows:

  • Think Like a Christian
  • Working for the Family Business
  • Career Showcases
  • What’s So Great about My Testimony?
  • Can God’s Girls and Real Men Be Friends?
  • Pornography: the Dirty Secret
  • How to Have a Quiet Time
  • How Can I Reach the World for Christ

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Finish Well Episodes

Pearl Harbor 12.7.41

Pearl Harbor 12.7.41 In “Life Lessons from History: Pearl Harbor 12.7.41” episode #102, Meredith Curtis takes you back in time to the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, that plunged America into World War II. What led up to that historical moment? Were we the only ones attacked?  Why was Pearl Harbor […]

100 Homeschool Hacks II

100 Homeschool Hacks II In “100 Homeschool Hacks Volume II” episode #101, Meredith Curtis, Laura Nolette, and their friends share 100 ways to homeschool more effectively, efficiently, enthusiastically, and effortlessly. There were too many tips and advice for one show so we started earlier this month and are finishing up today. Sit back, relax and […]

100 Homeschool Hacks I

100 Homeschool Hacks I In “100 Homeschool Hacks Volume I” episode #100, Meredith Curtis, Laura Nolette, and their friends share 100 ways to homeschool more effectively, efficiently, enthusiastically, and effortlessly. There were too many tips and advice for one show so we will start this week and finish up next week. Sit back, relax and […]

7 Amazing World War I Heroes

7 Amazing World War I Heroes In “Life Lessons from 20th Century History: 7 Amazing World War I Heroes” episode #099, Meredith Curtis introduces you to 7 heroes from World War I that you may never have even heard of. Not only are they amazing people who did extraordinary things, but their faith in Jesus […]

The Blessing of Enrichment Courses for All Ages

The Blessing of Enrichment Courses for All Ages In “The Blessing of Enrichment Courses for All Ages,” episode #098, Meredith Curtis and Laura Nolette talk about how enrichment courses have been such a blessing to their children in rounding out their education, cultivating talents, and exposing them to new things that can turn into lifetime […]

Healing From Sexual Abuse

Healing From Sexual Abuse In “Healing from Sexual Abuse,” episode #097, Meredith Curtis examines a horrible side of life in the 21stCentury with honesty, compassion, and truth. She offers hope from the Word of God to define sexual abuse and to process what has happened to you. She also explains why certain lies are often […]

How I Teach English in High School

How I Teach English in High School In “How I Teach English in High School,” episode #096, Meredith Curtis shares the life skills she invests in her children during the high school years along with the classic literature they read and kinds of writing they do each year. Meredith actually teaches high school English for […]

How Sexual Predators Groom Their Victims & What to Do About It

How Sexual Predators Groom Their Victims & What to Do About It In “How Sexual Predators Groom Their Victims & What to Do About It,” episode #095, Meredith Curtis talks about the cunning and manipulative process pedophiles use to target their unsuspecting victims and their parents. Grooming breaks down the natural barriers that protect children […]

How to Raise a God’s Girl

How to Raise a God’s Girl In “How to Raise a God’s Girl,” episode #094, Meredith Curtis talks about the beautiful challenge of raising a God’s Girls in a post-Christian culture with mixed-up views on men and women. Meredith talks about raising fearlessly feminine women who courageously engage the culture with truth and compassion. Meredith […]

Make Your Home the Teen Hangout

Make Your Home the Teen Hangout In “Make Your Home the Teen Hangout,” #093, Meredith Curtis shares how she and her husband, a former teen pastor, created an atmosphere of welcome so that their house could be the teen hangout. Would you like to welcome your teens’ friends and get to know them? The Curtis […]

How to Apply Sunday’s Sermon to the Rest of Your Week

How to Apply Sunday’s Sermon to the Rest of Your Week In “How to Apply Sunday’s Sermon to the Rest of Your Week,” episode #092, Meredith Curtis helps you get out of the rut of listening to a great sermon Sunday and forgetting all about it for the rest of the week. Meredith gives you […]

Peaceful Family Vacations

Peaceful Family Vacations In “Peaceful Family Vacations,” episode #091, Meredith Curtis reminds you that peaceful family vacations don’t just happen. Would you like to know how they happen? Well, Meredith is happy to give you practical tips and biblical wisdom to help you and your family enjoy rest, refreshment, and family unity on your next […]

Book Clubs Instead of Book Reports

Book Clubs Instead of Book Reports In “Book Clubs Instead of Book Reports,” episode #090, Meredith Curtis weighs in on the question: should we write book reports or have a book club? She shares why book reports affect the way you read a book and how it is possible for them to suck the life […]

Caedmon, 7th Century Songwriter

Caedmon, 7thCentury Songwriter In “Caedmon, 7thCentury Songwriter,” episode #089, Meredith Curtis introduces you to a fascinating man of God who could not sing, recite a poem, or write a song; that is until the Lord gave him an amazing talent. Meet Caedmon, a 7thCentury Songwriter who touched the hearts of many, bringing Jesus and the […]

Help! My Daughter is Getting Married

Help! My Daughter’s Getting Married In “Help! My Daughter’s Getting Married,” episode #088, Meredith Curtis talks to Moms of newly engaged couples who wonder what on earth they need to do next and over the next few months to help their daughter pull off a wedding, since most wedding coordinators are mothers of the bride. […]

College Success

College Success In College Success, episode #087, Meredith Curtis talks about how to thrive, not just survive in college. Whether you are dual enrolling, commuting, or moving to another state for your college years, you will appreciate this practical, encouraging advice. You can excel academically and stay strong in your faith!         Powerline […]

How to Care for Aging Parents

How to Care for Aging Parents In “How to Care for Aging Parents,” episode #086, Meredith Curtis encourages homeschooling parents whose parents are aging and needing their help and care. Sharing her own story, Meredith explains how to make wise choices, deal with the emotional turmoil, and make the most of a challenging time in […]

Don’t Waste Your Life

Don’t Waste Your Life   In “Don’t Waste Your Life,” episode #085, Meredith Curtis challenges teens to drop out the dull and routine to live a life worth living. She addresses lies that keep us from living joy-filled lives and how to exchange half-hearted hanging on for abundant zeal and passion. A life worth living […]

25 Movies Families Can Watch Together

25 Movies Families Can Watch Together In “25 Movies that Families Can Watch Together,” episode #084, Meredith Curtis shares some of her family’s favorite movies and how they have impacted their lives and hearts. From faith builders to tear-jerkers, these movies have made us laugh and cry. Each of these movies also lead to great […]

Wacky Wild Wonderful Teenagers

Wacky Wild Wonderful Teenagers   In Wacky Wild Wonderful Teenagers,” episode #083, Meredith Curtis talks frankly about the teen years and how they affect teens, their parents, and the parent/teen relationship. Shake off the lies that these years have to be negative, they can be a blast! Meredith believes parents and teens can work together […]

Homeschooling from Genesis

Homeschooling from Genesis In “Homeschooling from Genesis,” episode #082, Meredith Curtis and Steven Policastro talk about using Genesis to teach history, science, and geography in the homeschool setting. Starting from this foundation, your children can learn every subject from a Christ-centered and biblical worldview. Steven and Meredith also talk about International Association for Creation and […]

Teenage Depression

Teenage Depression   In Teenage Depression, episode #081, Meredith Curtis talks frankly about teenage depression and how it affects families. There is a way out! After sharing the causes of teenage depression, Meredith shares practical ways to get out of that pit and walk in freedom.         Powerline Productions, Inc. Being World […]

12 Happy Habits

12 Happy Habits In 12 Happy Habits, episode #080, Meredith Curtis encourages you to examine and adopt some habits that will bring happiness and joy into your life, as well as make life, relationships, ministry, and careers more successful and fun. She also shares how to build these, or any habits, into your life by […]

Why We Love Hallmark Christmas Movies

Why We Love Hallmark Christmas Movies In “Why We Love Hallmark Christmas Movies,” episode #079, Meredith Curtis talks about her own experience with Hallmark movies and why they are so satisfying to watch. She goes on to explain how the things we love about Hallmark movies are related to deeper desires that are in our […]

Christmas Eve Traveling Dinner

In “Christmas Eve Traveling Dinner,” episode #078, Meredith Curtis and Laura Nolette share their special Christmas Eve tradition, The Traveling Dinner, how it got started, what they do, where they go, what they eat, and how it has made their Christmas celebration more meaningful. Grab a cup of coffee, hot tea, or spiced cider and […]

Learning from the Pilgrims & Puritans

In “Learning from the Pilgrims & Puritans,” episode #077, Meredith Curtis takes you on another Life Lesson in American History. At Thanksgiving, we celebrate God’s blessings with a big feast and usually make little pilgrim hats for the children to wear. Who are those pilgrims? Are they Puritans? Who are the Puritans anyway? Are you […]

Planning a Wedding

In “Planning a Wedding,” Episode #076, Meredith Curtis interviews two brides-to-be, Aisha Palm and Jenny Rose Curtis, who are planning their weddings to amazing men of God. The exciting thing is that they both live in the same house—the Curtis homestead! The ladies discuss the excitement, challenges, and tasks that are living through as they […]

How Our Co-op Began

In “How Our Co-op Began,” Episode #075, Meredith Curtis and Laura Nolette reminisce together about history days in the early 2000s where they combined families to spend one day a week studying history with hands-on fun, reading aloud, and listening to audios. As they began to include other friends, a homeschool co-op was born. Learn […]

How to Get into College

In “How to Get into College, Episode #074, Meredith Curtis provides a four-year plan to choose and apply for the college of your choice. She talks about when to start looking, what to research, when to visit colleges, when to study for the PSAT, and why you should consider private colleges. This step-by-step plan will […]

Throw a Party to Learn History

In “Throw a Party to Learn History,” episode #073, Meredith Curtis shares with teens and their parents a fun way to learn history while enjoying life and making friends. We look for any excuse to throw a party in our house. Studying history? Let’s celebrate with fun and festivities. Meredith explains how much learning goes […]

Our British Heritage

In “Our British Heritage,” episode #072, Meredith Curtis takes you back in time to lay a pre-American history foundation. Our heritage of liberty and protected God-given rights didn’t originate in the 13 colonies. Explore our British heritage and learn some life lessons along the way.           Powerline Productions, Inc. Being World […]

When Worldviews Collide

In “When Worldviews Collide,” Episode #071, Meredith Curtis explains how worldviews collide in our culture, especially on the college campus. She shares how she equipped her children to recognize worldviews in their professors and fellow students so that they could defend the Christian faith and share the Gospel. This doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Prepare […]

What is Your Worldview?

In “What is Your Worldview,” Episode #070, Meredith Curtis explains what worldview is and the basic worldviews we encounter in the world around us: Christian, Muslim, Secular Humanist, Marxist Communism, Cosmic Humanist, and Post-Modern. Once we understand where people who hold different worldviews are coming from, we can compare those worldviews to the Bible because […]

The Kitchen Explosion

In “The Kitchen Explosion,” Episode #069, you will get an inside look at a bustling high-energy homeschooling family. Sometimes in an attempt to make history come alive, I, Meredith Curtis have gone too far. How about you? Have you stepped out with enthusiasm only to have to call the fire department? Should we play it […]

ENOUGH! We Are Free!

In “ENOUGH! We are Free!,” Episode #068, Meredith Curtis explains how one event led to another, resulting in our Founding Fathers declaring our Independence. If you are hazy on the details of events leading to the day we celebrate, July 4, 1776, where Ben Franklin declared, “Well, we either all hang together or we’ll all […]

1,001 Homeschool Days at the Beach

1001 Homeschool Days at the Beach Want to learn some amazing ways to learn? In this episode, you will learn 1001 homeschool days at the beach worth of activities! In “1001 Homeschool Days at the Beach,” Episode #067, Meredith Curtis & Laura Nolette take you back in time to 1,001 homeschooling days spent at the […]

What Dads Need Most in a Family

In “What Dads Need Most in a Family,” Episode #066, Meredith Curtis gives sons, daughters, wives, and mothers insight into what Dads really need to be successful in serving Jesus, leading their home, and loving their families. Do you want to see your husband, father, sons, and other men in your life be successful in […]

Fight Fair

In “Fight Fair,” Episode #065, Meredith Curtis reveals the truth: Conflict is inevitable, but yelling, screaming, and saying things you regret is not. Meredith will teach you to argue without raising your voices, disagree without becoming enemies, work through conflict to achieve win/win, and forgive one another after the dust has settled. This biblical method […]

23 Ways to Honor Mom for Sons & Daughters of All Ages

In “23 Ways to Honor Mom for Sons & Daughters of All Ages” Episode #064, Meredith Curtis explains clearly why it is in our best interest to honor our parents. Meredith addresses how to forgive Moms who have inflicted hurts and pain.  She also gives 21 ways to honor your mother on special occasions and […]

The Problem with Pornography & What to Do About It

In “The Problem with Pornography and What to Do about It” Episode #063, Meredith Curtis talks about the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about but is destroying the hearts of minds of Christians across the world. She addresses the problem with pornography and why it brings devastation. She reveals how […]

How to Enjoy History

In “How to Enjoy History” Episode #062, Meredith Curtis reveals secrets to parents and teens that will make history thrilling and fun instead of dull and dreary. She shares how to use your hobbies and interests as a way to delve into the past so that you can connect with history. She also paints a […]

The Cross Has the Final Word

In “The Cross has the Final Word” Episode #061, Meredith Curtis gives a solution for guilt, shame, addiction, and self-loathing. She explains what happened on the cross that affects your life today. She also answers the question: “What on earth does it mean that I have been crucified with Christ and He lives in me […]

7 Benefits of Reading Classics

In “7 Benefits of Reading Classics” Episode #060, Meredith Curtis inspires you to read classics by explaining how enjoying great literature and living books will benefit your heart, mind, and life. She will give you tips on how to choose great books to pull off the shelf and treasure for a lifetime.       […]

A Hero For All Times

In “A Hero For All Times?” Episode #059, Meredith Curtis introduces you to a brave war hero, gallant gentleman, devout Christian, and enthusiastic farmer. George Washington is a hero for all times with his unwavering faith, kindness, and humility. God spared his life so he could be at the helm in the early days of […]

When Will I Be Loved?

In “When Will I Be Loved?” Episode #058 Meredith Curtis addresses the longings of our heart to be loved, especially during the teen years. All of us long to be loved by that special someone. Where is that special someone and when will he/she come into my life? And why is that desperation there in […]

Why Is Algebra 2 So Hard?

Algebra 2 – Hard? In Why Is Algebra 2 So Hard?, Episode #057, Meredith Curtis and Laura Nolette share real conversations that they have had with concerned students and parents. Both have homeschooled for many years and have taught many of their children! In this episode be encouraged –you can teach Algebra. Algebra 2 – You […]

Ready to Lead?

In Ready to Lead? With Meredith Curtis, Episode #056, teens and their parents are challenged to heed God’s call to His people to rise up and lead! The world is crying out to see authentic leaders who lead with love and integrity. How can lead in a way that will earn the respect of others […]

Start Strong and Finish Well With Christmas Traditions

In “Start Strong and Finish Well with Christmas Traditions” with Meredith Curtis, Episode #055, Meredith shares ways to establish Christmas traditions that work for all ages and will be enjoyed by the whole family now and in the future. She shares specific traditions that her teens loved long after childhood was over.  Traditions can be […]

The Birthday That Cut History In Two

In “The Birthday That Cut History in Two” with Meredith Curtis, episode #054, we explore the most significant birth the world has ever experienced. Meredith shares the way God set people, events, and hints in place for 4,000 years to prepare the world for the birth of Jesus. The Lord weaved together an amazing celebrated […]

DG: The Secret to Success

DG: The Secret to Success with Meredith Curtis, podcast #053 looks at a missing ingredient in the lives of many young people, and older folks, too. Meredith discusses how delayed gratification can impact our personal lives and professional lives, helping us to experience joy and success. Meredith will explain what delayed gratification is, how it […]

Where Have All The Heroes Gone?

Where Have All the Heroes Gone? with Meredith Curtis, podcast #052 looks at the fascination with Super-Heroes in today’s culture, how they’ve changed, and why we love Heroes. Meredith discusses Christian heroes, how they can impact our personal lives, and how they can inspire us to greatness. As a special bonus, six Super-Heroes drop in […]

Learning with Little Ones Around

Learning with Little Ones Around with Meredith Curtis, Podcast #051, speaks to teens who are wondering how on earth to get any schoolwork done with their noisy brothers and sisters around. Meredith goes on to speak to teens (and their parents) about how to establish quiet school hours (with parents’ help), how to learn more […]

The Real Kingdom and Counterfeit

The Real Kingdom and The Counterfeit with Meredith Curtis, Podcast #050, is a tale of two kingdoms. The Kingdom of God, established by the Lord, will last forever. In opposition is the kingdom of darkness who reign is doomed. Take a trip back in time to the Tower of Babel to discover some recognizable patterns […]

The Legend of Atlantis and Bull Leaping

In “The Legend of Atlantis and Bull Leaping,” Podcast #049 Meredith Curtis asks, “Could the legend of Atlantis be true?” And does it involve the bull-leapers of history, the Minoans. Let’s meet the people who build the 600-acre Knossos Palace on the island of Crete.  Meredith Curtis loves uncovering exciting tidbits from the past. Ancient History […]

Life Began in a Garden

Welcome to another installment of Life Lessons from Ancient History. In Life Began in a Garden with Meredith Curtis, she shares the creation story straight as it is written in the Bible. We can all learn many lessons from this first week. There are some patterns, habits, mandates, even laws which were started then. Join us to hear Meredith […]

Walking Teens from Doubt to Faith

Walking Teens from Doubt to Faith with Pastor Mike Curtis takes you to our Finish Well Conference. Most of our children, especially teens, experience a time when they must come to grips with who God is. Pastor Mike shares important techniques to help parents guide their children from following Mom and Dad’s faith to embracing a vibrant faith […]

Choosing Family Movies in an X-Rated World

Meredith Curtis answers the question “In our world of sex, graphic violence, and trashy talk, can we find movies the whole family can enjoy together?” in Choosing Family Movies in an X-rated World. Many homeschooling families have a wide range of ages and interests. We each have our favorite genre. In spite of this, there […]

I’d Rather Be Texting

I’d Rather Be Texting with Julianna Curtis, Shine Curtis, Jimmy Curtis, Phoebe Nolette, and Joshua Nolette takes you to our Finish  Well Conference.   This workshop is led by a homeschool grad as well as four homeschool high schoolers who looked at all the times they thought, or even said, “I’d rather be texting than […]

Electives We Love

Electives We Love with Julianna Curtis, Marla Stevens, and Jenny Rose Curtis Podcast #43 takes you to our Finish Well Conference. This workshop is led by homeschool grads who looked back and realized that the electives they loved changed the course of their lives. Let them share their research, their insights, and their suggestions so […]

Because He Loved Her

Sarah was just Abraham’s Side-kick right? God loved Abraham and Sarah was just along for the ride. Is that what you think? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. The Lord loved Sarah and His plan included her. He honored her because He loved her. We can learn about God’s love for us because of His […]

Get in Shape Spiritually for the New Year

With everyone getting back to the gym and eating right again, it’s a sign that the holidays are over and it’s time to get in shape. This podcast deals with how to get in shape spiritually in this new year! God says that physical training is of some value, but spiritual training is more valuable […]

Experiencing Christ at Christmas

Experiencing Christ at Christmas   In the hustle-bustle, it’s hard to find time to enjoy the Birthday King. Meredith Curtis will share ways to draw apart this Christmas and spend time with Jesus, growing in Him and experiencing His Presence. After all, Jesus is the Reason for the Season. Give Jesus the gift He is looking […]

Should I Major in Music at College?

Should I Major in Music at College? with Meredith Curtis and Marla Stevens Meredith Curtis interviews Marla Stevens, pianist, music major, and speaker at Finish Well. Marla shares how she prepared to be accepted in the music school of a private university, what it was like to major in music, and how her college major […]

Don’t Be a Nimrod

Don’t Be a Nimrod! – Meredith Curtis Don’t Be a Nimrod! – Meredith Curtis Who is Nimrod anyway? Learn about this notorious leader, mighty hunter, and builder of the Tower of Babel. He is a great example of things what to avoid when making life decisions and leading others. Meredith Curtis loves uncovering exciting tidbits […]

Shine for Jesus in the Business World

Shine for Jesus in the Business World – Julianna Curtis and Meredith Curtis Meredith Curtis interviews her daughter, Julianna, a technical analyst for Verizon® to discover ways you can shine your light for Jesus in the business world. Julianna shares her adventures of radically serving Jesus in a strategic way to impact others. You will […]

Freedom from Mean Girls

Freedom from Mean Girls – Sarah Jeffords, Laura Nolette, and Meredith Curtis This show is for young women who are struggling with toxic relationships. All of us deal with rejection sometimes, but when it comes during the young teen years, it can be devastating. What happens when you are excluded from girl cliques, gossiped about, […]

FW Radio – Happy Birthday America!

Tune in and listen to some of the great people who gave this country the outstanding beginning that she was blessed with. John Hancock, Richard Henry Lee, George Washington, Betsy Ross, Mary Pitcher, and Benjamin Rush will tell you about themselves and their involvement in the birth of a nation. Play in new window […]

FW Radio – Let’s Celebrate a Homeschool Graduation

Attention homeschooling parents and teens! Does this sound like you? You have worked so hard for so many years but aren’t quite sure how to wrap things up. You want to make a special event of finishing high school but don’t know how to create an event that is worthy of the occasion? Or have […]

FW Radio – Mothers and Sons

There is something so wonderful about holding your brand new precious baby boy, but they don’t stay babies for long. That’s when the adventure begins! Join us to hear Meredith and her son Jimmy talk about how the teen years changed their relationship. Meredith & Jimmy will share how they navigated through relationship valleys and mountains […]

FW Radio – Real or Not Real?

Jesus rose from the dead almost 2,000 years ago! Real or not real? Jesus’ Resurrection Power can change your life today! Real or not real? Listen to Pastor Mike Curtis as he shares about the reality of Jesus’ life, death on the cross, and power to change your life today! Play in new window […]

FW Radio – Resurrection Power

Jesus rose from the dead almost 2,000 years ago! What will this explosive power, the same power that raised Christ from the dead do for us after we die? And what about right now? Can Resurrection Power make a difference in your life today? Yes, it can! How does it work? Why is it dangerous? […]

FW Radio – Stay Close to Jesus is College

The college years are exciting, frightening, and filled with change. It can be difficult to stay close to the Lord when professors, faculty, and fellow students are filling your head with doubts about your faith. Listen in this month as Meredith Curtis shares with you the secrets of staying close to the Lord. You can […]

FW Radio – Stay Close to Jesus in High School

Staying close to Jesus while you’re in high school is important. It’s not a difficult thing to do if you know how. Listen in this month as Meredith Curtis tells you how she got saved in high school and grew close to the Lord while attending public school in South Florida. She’ll share with you the secrets […]

FW Radio – Christmas Traditions Teens Love

Christmas isn’t just for little kids! Teens love Christmas too! Listen to teens share their favorite ways to make Christmas meaningful and fun! You just might find some new Christmas traditions to add to your family’s celebration this season. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | Google Podcasts | RSS

FW Radio – Exploring Careers in Real Estate & the Pool Industry

Let’s meet Leanne Benjamin, owner of her own real estate company and Donald Nolette, manager at a pool company. Leanne started out her career as a teacher, but decided to switch to real estate, first as an agent, and eventually starting her own company. Donald started cleaning pools as a teen, working his way up in […]

FW Radio – Heroes for Jesus Party

Heroes For Jesus Party People celebrate events happening in October different. With the fall in full bloom and Christmas around the corner now is the time to celebrate. How about a Heroes for Jesus Party? Don’t know how to have one? In this episode, you’ll learn how. Be sure to follow this episode several ways! […]

FW Radio – Tips for Newbies

Come listen to a few veteran homeschoolers give helpful advice to new to homeschooling high schoolers. These teens and young adults have been there, done that. They can help you do it too! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | Google Podcasts | RSS

FW Radio – The Link Between Literature and Political Freedom

Teens, have you ever wondered what the big deal is about reading old books by dead people. You might be surprised to learn the role that classic literature plays in maintaining our political freedom. Yes, it’s true! Find out why tonight. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | Google Podcasts | RSS

FW Radio – Families Can Finish Well

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been or what has gone before. If you had a great start, keep it up! If you had a rough one, remember the Lord can do a new thing! It is never too late for families to finish well. Teens are part of families. Their own families and families in […]

FW Radio – Finish Well is Coming

Finish Well Made a Difference! Our amazing guests were impacted for Christ at the Finish Well conference. They will share their stories and encourage you to make a difference in the lives around you with the power of God! Parents and teens tune in and be blessed! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android […]

FW Radio – Tell Me About Heaven

Pastor Mike Curtis shares what the Bible has to say about some of you most pressing questions about Heaven. What is Heaven really like? What will we do in Heaven? What will we look like? Are there animals in Heaven? What about our pets? Is there marriage in Heaven? Will we recognize people? Will we eat? How do we get to Heaven? Play […]

FW Radio – Surprise! Economics is Fun!

Meet real teens who are taking economics this year. Worried about the work load, these students were pleasantly surprised at how much fun hard work can be. Studying economics has changed the way they live and their plans for the future. Listen to these teens tell their stories about making budgets, playing the stock market game, […]

FW Radio – Homeschool Graduates Adjust to College Life

Meet Nathan-Andrew, Sarah Joy, and Phoebe Renée, three homeschool graduates who have gone on to college. They talk honestly with us about the joys, challenges, triumphs, and disappointments of college life. Their candor will help fellow college students and high school students unravel the difficulties to walk victoriously during this transitional time. Play in […]

FW Radio – Exploring Careers in Business and Rescue

First meet two homeschool grads with careers in the business world, and a homeschool dad who has been a firefighter for many years. Zack is a Account Executive at AAA, Julianna works for Verizon as a Technical Analyst, and Sam is an Orange County fire fighter. They will talk about their jobs and what a […]

FW Radio – Sword Ceremony: Rite of Passage to Manhood

Looking for a Rite of Passage to Manhood? These fathers and sons used a sword ceremony to celebrate sons becoming men. These men will share their experience and give you suggestions so you can have your own sword ceremony. Read more about the Finish Well Team at: Play in new window […]

FW Radio – Jerusalem News

Travel back in time with us to the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ! Listen to the Christmas story through the eyes of investigative reporters Rebekah Isaacs and Jonathan Davidstein. This very special, very short news show will make you smile. Read more about the Finish Well Team at: Play in […]

FW Radio – Spiritual Warfare 101

What is spiritual warfare? How do we battle against the darkness? What weapons do we have? Tune in and find out how teens can be more than conquerors through Christ. Read more about the Finish Well Team at: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | Google Podcasts | RSS

FW Radio – Is Your Family Normal?

Is your family a normal Christian family? What does a Christian family even look like? Join us this week on Finish Well Radio and discover what godly teens and parents have learned about being set-apart in a dysfunctional world. Read more about the Finish Well Team at:

FW Radio – Teens and Family Vacations

Guests host Jenny Rose Curtis will be interviewing Finish Well team members, TJ Miller, Madelynn Streby, Hannah Brooks, and Jimmy Curtis about their family vacations. Read more about the Finish Well Team at: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | Google Podcasts | RSS

FW Radio – Worship: What’s the Point?

An interview with Jenny Rose Curtis. We will be interviewing Finish Well Team Member, Jenny Rose Curtis about worshiping at home, at church, or at the beach. She’ll share with you about how much God loves worship and how we can take many opportunities to lavish Him with our best worship. Read more about the […]

FW Radio – Getting into College and Getting It Paid For

An interview with Laura Nolette and Shine Curtis. Changes are being made all over the education system that will affect your ability to get into college and get it paid for. We’re going to talk about the new standards for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarships and other aspects of getting homeschool graduates a college degree […]

FW Radio – The Story of Our Courtship

An interview with Mike and Sarah Jeffords. Join Finish Well speakers Mike and Sarah Jeffords to hear the story of their courtship. While every courtship is different, there are Biblical principles you can use in your own relationships. Read more about the Finish Well Team at: Play in new window | […]

FW Radio – From the Heart of a Father

An interview with Scott Ansbaugh, Mike Curtis, and Tim Miller. Hear the heartbeat of fathers for their teenage sons and daughters. What are their dreams? What are their concerns? How do they see the future lining up in a way that will affect their teenagers? Your father probably has a similar heart for you! Read […]

FW Radio – Staying Clean in a Dirty World

Some straight talk from Meredith Curtis. How can you stay sexually clean when we live in such a dirty world. We’ll share honestly about issues such as love, crushes, sexual desires, pornography, and more. You can overcome temptation and stand strong in a world that ignores God and His wise principles. Read more about the […]

FW Radio – How God Brought Us Together & Prepared Us for Marriage

An interview with Mike and Sarah Jeffords. They will share about their courtship and how God brought them together and prepared them for marriage. Sarah and Mike are speakers each year at Finish Well conference and part of the Finish Well Team. Read more about the Finish Well Team at: Play […]

FW Radio – Finish Well: A Conference That Changes Lives

An interview with Pastor Mike Curtis, Leah Brooks, and Jenny Rose Curtis. These great Finish Well speakers will share with you about homeschooling and the Finish Well Homeschooling High School Conference. Read more about the Finish Well Team at: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | Google Podcasts | RSS

FW Radio – Inexpensive Christmas Presents Your Peeps Will Love

An interview with Katie Beth Curtis, Maria Husarenko, Phoebe Nolette, and Shine Curtis. If your like most teens, you’re working hard at school and chores, not at earning loads of money for gifts, but you still want to show your loved ones that you care. We talk to the Finish Well Team about great gifts […]

FW Radio – Friends

An interview with Julianna Curtis, Jimmy Curtis, and Joshua Nolette. We talk with some Finish Well team members about their friends, what makes a good friend, and how to be a good friend. Read more about the Finish Well Team at: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | Google Podcasts […]

FW Radio – Get Along With Your Parents

An interview with Laura & Phoebe Nolette, Tim & TJ Miller, and Pastor Mike & Jenny Rose Curtis. We talk with some Finish Well Team members and their parents about get along and getting over trouble spots. Read more about the Finish Well Team at:

FW Radio – Heroes for Jesus

An interview with Polycarp, David Livingston, Amy Carmichael, St. Augustine, Nate Saint, Corrie ten Boom, and Mary Slessor. Travel back in time with the Finish Well team and meet some heroes from ages past. They will share a little bit about their life and give a word of encouragement to the church in the twenty-first […]

FW Radio – Where Did My Day Go?

An interview with Joshua Nolette, Jimmy Curtis, Linnea Brooks, and Sarah Joy Curtis We talk to four homeschoolers on the Finish Well team about the challenges of managing time while homeschooling, even in a big noisy family. They share practical tips and ways to put Jesus first in everything, including managing your day. Read more […]

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