First Aid and Homeopathy Part 3 – Sun and Heat Stroke

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Sun and heat stroke can happen quicker than you think. Check out these 13 remedies to help you recover!Here we are with part 3 of our First Aid and Homeopathy series, all about the sun and heat stroke.  Sun stroke can happen quicker than you think. Our bodies have the amazing ability to regulate body temperature naturally. On a cold day, it will shiver in an attempt to motivate a rise in the internal temp., on a hot day, it will sweat freely so that the skin will be moist which helps to bring down the internal temp.

The body will give us warning signs if for any reason it is under duress.

On a very hot day; if sweating does not keep pace with the need to cool itself., the body will begin to throw out symptoms. Depending on the person, any or all of the following may take place:

  • The face turns bright red and may puff a bit; due to congestion of the vascular system.
  • Sweating may stop as the body’s cooling system begins to fail.
  • Nausea may set in.
  • Dizziness or visual disturbance may occur.
  • There may be a sensation of chilliness / shivering, as the entire system becomes confused.

If, any of the above symptoms occur. It is wise to get out of the Hot Sun!

If the patient can’t get out of the Heat / Sun as his symptoms have suggested…he will be in need of Homeopathy. And he will need time to recover from the injury that extreme heat can do.

Of course, Prevention is always the Best Medicine! On hot days, it’s important to not stay in the hot sun or to work in the heat of the day for long periods of time. Much good Clean, Fresh Water must be taken internally due to the loss of fluids. The body will sweat large quantities in an attempt to stay cool during times of exposure to heat.

The Shade of a tree has amazing cooling ability on a hot day…Fresh Lemonade or a slice of watermelon are both ways to refortify the body of lost electrolytes naturally.

One of the MOST IMPORTANT things to understand is:

  • Do NOT try to cool the Patient too quickly.
    A cool cloth rather than a cold cloth can be used on the forehead.
  • I like to put the patient in a warm Epsom salt bath and then slowly cool the water as the body’s temperature begins to cool slowly. The Epsom Salt will be absorbed to aid in electrolyte loss as well.

Tune in as Sue shares 13 homeopathic remedies you can use for sun and heat stroke in this episode!

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  1. Cheryl Lambert says

    Wed., Mar. 24, 2021 Any chance you could provide a printable of all your podcasts? I like to print them out and keep them in a binder so that I always have them on hand when needed.

    • Joy Rhodes says

      Hi Cheryl! Sue has all printables for podcasts available in her Members Corner:

  2. Allison Stusse says

    What is the spelling of the remedy between gluonium and pulsatilla?

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