Fitness apps and websites for your homeschool

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Fitness Apps and Websites for Homeschool Families

120: Fitness apps and websites for your homeschool

Here are the fitness apps and websites mentioned in this episode to get you and your children moving and exercising.

For brain breaks and active indoor fun

  • GoNoodle – animated movies to dance and sing to
  • Sworkit – workouts you choose the age range, length etx

Other online fitness options for homeschool families

  • Couch to 5k
  • Walk at Home – choose the time or distance – music – and variety
  • Strava – this is the app my husband and I use. It allows you to track your exercise and give “kudos” to friends which is a great way to encourage each other.
  • Daily burn – free 30 day trial, lots of different types of workouts
  • 7 minute workout
  • Zombies, Run! – great for teens, includes a storyline and many customizable options.

FundaFunda’s online Health class makes it very clear to teens why they should exercise and does in fact suggest the Zombies, Run! App


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Fitness Apps and Websites for Homeschool Families

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